Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Christopher Oxtoby & Katie Scott - accused of filming child-sex abuse

A couple from Northampton accused of filming sexual abuse of a child have been further charged with more offences.

Christopher Oxtoby, aged 27, and Katie Scott, 26, were arrested after the FBI in America tipped off Northamptonshire Police after the discovery of a child pornography film.

They appeared at Northampton Crown Court yesterday to answer charges that Scott sexually abused a young child while Oxtoby filmed it and sent it on to a US paedophile.

Clive Sutton, prosecuting, asked for the case to be adjourned as both defendants now face more charges while Oxtoby is also due to be charged with another sex offence. He said: "The defendant Oxtoby will be charged next week with an attempted rape committed in 1995."

The pair, of Ashbrow Road, Briar Hill, Northampton, are charged with sexual assault by penetration of a child who cannot be named, while Oxtoby faces charges of making and possessing indecent photographs of children. The prosecution alleges Scott committed the sexual assault while Oxtoby filmed it.

They were arrested as part of a global investigation by the FBI which led to the discovery of a film showing child sexual abuse following the arrest of a paedophile in America.

Speaking only to confirm their names, they sat apart in the court dock, separated by a security guard, and did not once look at each other.

They were not asked to enter pleas to any of the 13 charges and Judge Christopher Metcalf adjourned the case after hearing of the new allegatio
ns against each defendant.

Northamptonshire Police raided their home on November 2 after their US counterparts tipped them off and 13 computers were taken from the property for analysis.

Oxtoby is charged with two charges of assault by penetration, six counts of making and one of possessing indecent images of children, at the most serious levels, including sexual abuse of children, as well as three other joint allegations with Scott, who is also accused of two offences of assault by penetration.

The discovery of the child abuse film was made after Oxtoby's computers were seized and led to the accusation that Oxtoby filmed it while Scott, who has learning difficulties, performed a sex act upon an infant. No pleas were entered to any of the charges during the hearing.

Judge Metcalf adjourned the case for a fortnight and added: "The defendants will remain in custody until then."

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