Monday, January 14, 2008

WANTED: Elizabeth McKinney - Convicted Child Molester is on the Run

A child molester convicted in Pontotoc County is on the run. After being formally sentenced in December, the Oklahoma City woman failed to obey the judges' orders of reporting back to Pontotoc County Jail to serve her 10-year prison sentence.

After failing to obey the judges' orders, a bench warrant for Elizabeth McKinney has been issued. She is now entered into the National Crime Information Computer as a fugitive.

McKinney was arrested in October 2006 for lewd acts with a minor child under 12 and forcible sodomy. Last month, McKinney entered a blind plea and was formally sentenced to serve 10-years in the Oklahoma Department of Corrections.

District Judge Tom Landrith then ordered her to appear at the Pontotoc County Jail on January 9th to serve her sentence, but she never showed and is now looking at more prison time.

Pontotoc County Undersheriff Joe Glover says, "By having the defendant run and not comply with the judge's order, she is subject to having additional charges filed on her and also being prosecuted federally is she does cross state lines for being a fugitive from justice."

A bulletin on McKinney has been sent to all Oklahoma law agencies.

Officials from the Pontotoc County Sheriff's Department urge anyone who has any information on McKinney to contact them immediately.

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