Saturday, January 12, 2008

Police finally nab pedophile 'Pocket Man'

Police in Bergen are quite sure they've finally arrested the pedophile Norwegian known as the "Pocket Man." He's believed to have been assaulting boys all over southern Norway for 30 years. could report Friday morning that the man arrested Friday morning is an affluent father of two in his mid-50s. His arrest was based on DNA analysis.

The suspect now in custody lives in the Bergen area, has run his own business for several decades and his tax returns show he has a net worth of NOK 6.9 million, with annual income of more than NOK 3 million. He was also arrested on suspected child molesting charges in 1999, but later released.

The suspect is known for cutting holes in his trouser pocket and then asking young boys to help him get something out of his pocket.

investigators suspect more than 300 boys have been assaulted since the 1970s

Instead, the unsuspecting boys would end up touching the man's sexual organ. While many would manage to run away, police now report that in some of the assaults, the so-called "Pocket Man" would force the boys to perform oral sex on him.

Police fear that many assaults have gone unreported, but investigators suspect more than 300 boys have been assaulted since the 1970s. That would make the "Pocket Man" the worst serial offender in Norwegian history.

Investigators have been on the offender's trail for years, but were continually frustrated as he eluded capture. Aftenposten's magazine A-Magasinet had reported Friday that police were finally closing in on him, because they were able to patch together a DNA profile on the man based on evidence obtained in 1995.

If wasn't possible to analyze the evidence with DNA testing at that time, but police froze it and now have the technology necessary.

Police have investigated 150 cases that will be put forth in an eventual court case.

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