Saturday, January 12, 2008

Robert McGee - Receives 27 months for Child Porn

A Greene County man will spend the next 27 months behind bars for having child pornography on his computer.

Commonwealth's Attorney Ron Morris recommended that Robert McGee spend three years in prison, but two years and three months is close enough for him.

"We feel the sentencing was appropriate and justice was done," said Morris.

McGee's attorney, Dan Atkins, disagreed and said the sentence was harsher than expected.

"The judge did what he thought was appropriate under the circumstances. I disagree but that's our system. I didn't think 27 months; I thought 12 to 16 months," said Atkins.

McGee's friends and family were in court Friday testifying on his behalf. McGee also took the stand to admit he downloaded pornography but didn't intentionally download child porn.

Morris said the judge's ruling accurately refutes McGee's statement.

"As the judge summarizes in this case, Mr. McGee was certainly heavily involved in other types of porn, and as the judge characterized, he began dabbling in child porn, clearly leading him to a place he should not have gone," said Morris.

There were five images in questioned Friday. The court decided three of them clearly contained minors. The ages of the girls in the other two pictures were ambiguous--those were the only two images McGee admitted to having looked at on his computer.

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