Monday, June 2, 2008

Jack McClellan - Attention Seeking Filthy Pedophile

The controversial "Portland Girl Love" blog of self-professed pedophile Jack McClellan could go from pink to blank this week, according to a message posted on the Web site.

On his site, McClellan says the blog featuring tips about the best public places to watch children may go offline within a few days "due to a fee dispute with my Web host."

"I don't know how long it will take to find a new host given the controversy surrounding me and this site -- it could be several weeks or even months," McClellan said in the posting.

The company hosting "Jack McClellan's Portland Girl Love," British-based, could not be reached for comment.

His Web site rates locations for scoping out girls. McClellan urged visitors to bookmark the site's Internet address and check back in the future for his return.

McClellan, who left Oregon last fall after transit police banned him only to return to Portland in the new year, has never been charged with a sex crime, but he has admitted sexual attraction to girls. Outraged community leaders and parents also chased the admitted pedophile out of California and Washington.

After a brief stay in Los Angeles, McClellan returned to Portland, blogging: "even though I'm shivering and getting soaked much of the time here, it's less stressful than living under that restraining order in CA . . . "

Homeless and jobless, McClellan got an Oregon ID card, according to his Web site.

Meanwhile, on his blog and in an online story on The Portland Mercury's site, McClellan contends that two Portland cops harassed him while he was eating a sandwich at Powell Butte park last Thursday.

McClellan told The Mercury that "a park ranger came up and started talking to him. Then, a patrol car rolled up with two cops inside."

"All of a sudden they started focusing like a lightning rod on me," McClellan told the alternative weekly. "They were asking me my name and phone number, but I'm sure they knew who I was."

Portland police have not returned calls for comment about the encounter.

"They told me 'we just don't feel this is a good place for you,' " McClellan told The Mercury. "And I asked them why, and they said 'We're afraid you might grab a kid off the trail and run off with them.' "

"I told them I didn't know where else to go, and one of them said 'How about Thailand?' " he says in the article.

Hmmm. Why Thailand?

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