Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Louis Gene Remont Jr - Repeat Sex Offender - Habitual Pervert Strikes Again

Previous Convictions:

  • Conviction date: 7/21/1999

  • Conviction date: 6/23/2003

  • Conviction date: 6/23/2003

  • Conviction date: 6/23/2003

Police arrested a 48-year-old repeat sex offender Saturday after he allegedly exposed himself to a woman and then was found with sexually explicit material in his car.

Louis Gene Remont Jr., of Arthur Street in Bay St. Louis, was arrested after a Saturday incident, Police Chief James Varnell said. Remont was reported after a woman bicyclist told police a man in a white Lincoln had driven by her and exposed himself in the area of Nicholson Avenue and Beach Boulevard; he then drove away.

Following the report Waveland Officer Eddie Besse spotted a car of the same description in the Sears Avenue area and conducted a traffic stop. He found Remont in the car with an open pornographic magazine "in plain sight," Varnell said.

Besse then ran a background check on Remont. "A check of the suspect's criminal history proved a long history of the same type of charges," Varnell said. "His history dated back to 1998."

Remont is listed on the Mississippi Sex Offender criminal Web site, which shows he has four convictions in Terrebonne Parish, La., on indecent behavior with juveniles, sexual battery and related charges.

In the Saturday case he was charged with public display of sexual materials, a felony. Police are also processing an affidavit from the Waveland victim in a second charge of indecent exposure, Varnell said.

Municipal Court Judge Frank Wittmann ordered Remont held under $25,000 bond. An initial court appearance was set for Aug. 7.

"25% of all sex offenders re-offend within 15 years"
.........Sarah Tofte

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