Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Robert Sicari - Boy Raper released from prison with GPS Monitoring

Child rapist Robert Sicari was let out of jail today with a GPS bracelet strapped to his ankle, sources tell the Herald.

Sicari, jailed for more than a decade, was expected to be set free without any electronic monitoring for 30 days while he searched for a place to live.

Sources tell the Herald he was ordered to be monitored the second he was set free today per order of the state Commissioner of Probation John J. O’Brien.

O’Brien’s order now means Sicari will be among the 642 sex offenders in the state under electronic watch.

Sicari, 28, raped a 10-year-old Cambridge boy in a parking garage in 1997, three weeks before his brother, Salvatore Sicari, helped Charles Jaynes kidnap, rape and murder the boy’s 10-year-old friend, Jeffrey Curley. Both boys were lured to their fates with a promise of a bicycle.

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