Thursday, October 2, 2008

Robert L. DeHaan - Repeat Sex Offender - Perving on Kids

A West Seattle contractor already accused of propositioning teenage employees for sex has been charged with sexually assaulting a man to whom he'd promised a $100,000-a-year job.

Robert L. DeHaan, 61, was jailed in mid-September after surrendering to police on the latest charges, indecent liberties and intimidating a witness.

A convicted sex offender, DeHaan also faces three felony counts of communication with a minor for immoral purposes on the allegation that he made sexual advances to three teens working at his construction company.

According to police statements, DeHaan invited an adult worker to his home Sept. 1 under the auspices of discussing a job at his firm.

Once in his home, the man told police, DeHaan suggested the other man accompany him on a business trip to Hawaii. While in Hawaii, DeHaan said, they could "have our little fun," according to police. DeHaan then offered the man $10,000 to have sex at that moment.

Shocked by DeHaan's advances, the man told DeHaan he was leaving. DeHaan then allegedly shoved the man onto a table, grabbed his genitals and began kissing him.

The man told police he freed himself by throwing a drink in DeHaan's face.

The following day, DeHaan called the man's home and allegedly threatened to kill his family if he reported the incident. Despite the threat, the man met with Seattle police who tried to arrest DeHaan on Sept. 10.

DeHaan fled on seeing police approach, turning himself in two days later. Through his attorney, DeHaan told police he hadn't hired the man and said he believed he was being targeted for retribution.

Investigating officers found that version of events at odds with DeHaan's history of sex crime convictions.

"He groomed (the man) with a promise of ... a lucrative career to gain his trust," Seattle Police Detective M.S. DiTusa said in court documents. "During my research of DeHaan, I learned that this was his modus operandi in other documented sexual offenses."

Similar accusations were made in charges filed against DeHaan on Feb. 15.

In that case, DeHaan is accused of making sexual advances toward teenage boys in his employ. He offered one of the boys money for sex and tried to coerce two others to expose themselves to him, police allege.

DeHaan was briefly jailed in the case, but was released after posting a $100,000 bond. He is currently in King County Jail on $1 million bail.

"25% of all sex offenders re-offend within 15 years"
.........Sarah Tofte

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