Saturday, November 8, 2008

DOJ : Too Many Internet Predators, Not Enough Resources

Child predators, online and unaware they are being tracked. The Internet Crime Against Children Task Force released a map that shows more than 22,000 unique IP addresses where images known, or suspected to be child pornography have changed hands since the beginning of this year. "That's a lot of dots. It's very frightening to know this is going on in our community," said Sara Born, an Appleton parent.

The DOJ says the problem is they don't have enough resources to handle the volume of internet sex predator leads they get. "We could use the entire Department of Justice's budget," said Kevin St. John, Special Assistant Attorney General for the Department of Justice, "And have nothing but special agents and computer forensic analysts and they'd have to work all year around the clock on this and nothing else if we were going to track down every lead in the state of Wisconsin."

Since the Internet Crime Against Children Task Force was launched ten years ago, they have made 540 arrests. But with the problem so rampant, Attorney General has directed 67% increase in the number of special agents assigned to task force.

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