Saturday, November 8, 2008

Tony Guerra - Filthy Pedophile - Scumbag Judge let him off with only ten years

Guerra told others his preferred age was zero to 12 years old and that he likes hearing children scream. In one instance, he referred to wanting a 2-year-old. During one chat, Guerra suggested a man go to Disney to look for girls

There is nothing more innocent than a little baby, but detectives say a former Disney employee turned innocent babies into sexual fantasies and traded pornographic pictures of them. Tony Guerra, 21, was sent to federal prison Wednesday for those pictures.

Guerra's arrest helped unravel an international pornography ring. One very shocking detail that came out in court Wednesday was prosecutors saying Guerra invited an online friend to come to his work at Disney and look for a child to victimize.

While he does not have a record of child abuse, prosecutors say Guerra is extremely dangerous. The former Disney employee will spend the next decade in federal prison. Investigators said he had a sick sexual obsession with babies. On Guerra's computer they found more than 5,000 pornographic images of small children.

Perhaps the most disturbing, in online chats, prosecutors said, Guerra persuaded a man in Australia to molest his grandchild and post pictures of it on the Internet. They said Guerra then invited another online friend to come visit him at Disney World to look for small kids.

Guerra was arrested last year along with 40 other people who were part of an international online child porn chat room. He pled guilty last spring. Guerra's attorney argued that his client is developmentally delayed and has severe social problems and that's the reason he was interested in kids.

"The judge understood that Mr. Guerra has some serious mental and physical problems that contributed to what he was doing and she took that into account," defense attorney Peter Kenny said.

Prosecutors wanted Guerra to get the maximum 20 years in prison, but the judge sentenced him to 10 years and 10 months behind bars with mental treatment.

Guerra's mother was in court and cried during much of the proceedings. When he was given the chance to make his statement, Guerra apologized to his family and said he was never doing it again.

When Guerra is released from prison, he will spend the rest of his life on probation and is barred from using the Internet or going to a theme park unless he has the court's permission.

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Tolu said...

I knew him, sorta. He was a member of a message board I was on. Its a radio board not a peddie board or anything like that. He was an odd fellow, and a couple of people I knew that met him described him as a bit creepy, but none of us thoughtnhe was a child molester. I think he deserves at least 20 in prison. Im surprised he was only charged with 1 count of possessiom of child porn and also surprised that he wasnt charged with conspiracy to commit child abuse