Saturday, June 20, 2009

Jeffrey Brisker - Repeat Sex Offender - Texting 12 year old & Showing Child Porn to kids at Skating Rink

"it just seems like they keep letting him out, and what’s it gonna take? Somebody’s little girl or little boy to get hurt?"

FAIRFIELD COUNTY, Ohio —Two local parents said they don’t feel any better about a now-registered sexual offender because he already contacted their daughters.

A Fairfield County parent contacted NBC 4 about an unregistered sex offender in Amanda this week.

The offender now is registered, but two local parents said they don’t feel any better because he has been in contact with their daughters.

Residents were questioning why the sexual offender still was on the streets and living near a home daycare.

Jeffrey Brisker, 21, was arrested last Friday in Fairfield County for failing to register as a sexual offender in his county of residence.
He was released from custody once he became registered.
Perry County sheriff’s deputies arrested Brisker Thursday for a probation violation stemming from a motor-vehicle accident Saturday, April 4, and charged with leaving the scene of a crime.
A magistrate released him again Friday on his own recognizance.
Polly Smith told NBC 4 her daughter and another minor were injured in the same April motor-vehicle accident.

Smith did not know Brisker was a sex offender because he was not registered in Fairfield County at the time of the accident.

She said she was stunned when she found out.

“He needs to finish whatever time he has hanging over his head. My kid was in an accident with him. We didn’t know that he was a pedophile,“ Smith said.

Smith’s daughters are students at Amanda Clearcreek and received a ride from Brisker.

Smith and another parent, George Bartram, want to know why Brisker still was on the streets of Amanda.
Smith and Bartram said Brisker has been banned from the Amanda Roller Rink for inappropriate behavior and they don’t think he should be allowed around young girls.

“My daughter comes home and says he got thrown out of the roller rink for showing nude pictures of little girls to other little girls, and they banned him from the roller rink,” Bartram said.

Brisker was calling and texting their daughters, Smith and Bartrum said.

Bartrum said Brisker was sending text messages to his 12-year-old daughter, which is a violation of the conditions of his probation.

“I just want to make sure he stands trial for what he’s done. I mean it just seems like they keep letting him out, and what’s it gonna take? Somebody’s little girl or little boy to get hurt?“ Bartrum said.

Before his arrest, Brisker was living with his mother on Julian Road near a home daycare.

The homeowner who runs the daycare said she had no idea she lived so close to a registered sex offender.

There was no word on whether Brisker would return from Perry County to Fairfield County.
Brisker’s probation officer said it’s up to Fairfield County to enforce any probation violations such as being around minors.
How about for showing nude pictures of little girls to other little girls?

Brisker was scheduled to return to court Thursday, July 2, for his preliminary hearing. His final hearing was scheduled for Tuesday, July 7.

His probation officer said Fairfield County deputies would have to catch Brisker with minors to make another arrest.

"25% of all sex offenders re-offend within 15 years"
.........Sarah Tofte


barb said...

What is wrong with our system? Fairfield county sheriff has not confiscated his cellphone and they did not investigate this incident at the roller rink! Childrens services has done nothing! How horrific!

barb said...

This is so wrong. Why has Fairfield county sheriff depatrment not confiscated his cell phone? Childrens services do nothing when they should be investigating the incident at the roller rink!

barb said...

Fairfield county is not doing their job. Why is this guy still running around with a cell phone that has not been confiscated by the police? Where is Child protective services?
He is a registered sex offender that was showing nude pictures to little girls at a roller rink and childrens services is not investigating this! What is wrong with our system?

Rob said...

Please Be Advised that Jeffery Brisker was living with George Bartram Sr and was his step-son until a Domestic Violence and Divorce Issue against George Bartram who is JR (George) Bartram Jr's Father. The DV occurred May 19, 2009. This questions the validity of the store to me.