Friday, July 3, 2009

Andrew Bryce Blair - Repeat Sex Offender - On Slime-Watch

FURIOUS politicians last night slammed the release of a child sex beast who vowed he may KILL — and demanded to know: “Why is he out on our streets?”

Evil predator Andrew Bryce Blair, 54, was freed despite a top-secret dossier which warned he could strike again “imminently”.

In fact, protection agency officials insisted there’s a lengthy list of reasons why he still poses a “very high risk” to children and women.

Their report detailed how the cunning paedophile has:

EXTENSIVE history of violent and sexual offences against children

A RECORD of non-compliance with supervision

DISPLAYED sophisticated grooming of vulnerable families in the community.
But the most terrifying data held on Blair shows his potential willingness to MURDER a kid to cover up his crimes.

The fiend — who has eight convictions for lewd and indecent practices and behaviour — even made chilling references to child killers including Dunblane psycho Thomas Hamilton.
But despite this, Blair was allowed to leave prison in May.

A summit involving senior social work staff and police — including two Chief Superintendents — was held in April days before his release.

It outlined exactly how they will monitor him on the outside. And the report revealed officials’ fears.

The dossier was passed to us after a Glasgow City Council employee LOST a portable memory stick containing the confidential material.

It includes in-depth details of dozens of sex offenders, including their addresses, criminal records and descriptions of their crimes.

Predatory paedophile Blair has committed sickening offences against children.
He was freed despite twice breaking a Sexual Offences Prevention Order — believed to be a ban on approaching kids.

Blair was rated as high risk in an assessment two years ago — and experts in April said he’s still a threat to society and WILL strike again.

It reads: “Very High Risk — There is imminent risk of serious harm.”
The report goes on to say he’s a danger to lone females and children.

One extract reads: “Mr Blair’s main sexual attraction appears to be pubescent boys.

“He has a history of building relationships with families with a view to accessing children.”

As well as references to Dunblane murderer Hamilton — who gunned down 16 kids and their teacher in 1996 — he’s also made twisted remarks about child-killer Steven Leisk.

Leisk murdered Scott Simpson, nine, in Aberdeen in 1997 while he was out on licence for another child sex attack.
The report says: “There is documentary evidence that he has stated he may kill one of his victims to hide evidence.
“In the past he has made reference to Thomas Hamilton and Steven Leisk, both notorious child murderers.”
Amazingly, despite all Blair’s background they still earmarked a bedsit for him in Glasgow next to a kids PLAY AREA — and near a school.
It’s unclear whether he actually stayed there on his release — although one flat in the block had the nameplate ‘Blair’.

The report said: “On further checks being carried out it was deemed unsuitable as the house was within close proximity to a children’s play park.”

We then tracked Blair down to a grubby flat elsewhere in the city days later. It too was near a primary school and we snapped him walking past it as unsuspecting kids mingled nearby.
The extent of the threats from freed sex offenders such as Blair only came to light when our investigators trawled through the data on the lost device.

Last night Scottish Tory Justice spokesman Bill Aitken said: “The public will be wondering why any dangerous sex offender who still poses a risk is allowed to walk the streets of Scotland.”
Labour Justice spokesman Paul Martin MSP has campaigned for tougher restrictions since Glasgow schoolboy Mark Cummings, eight, was murdered by paedophile Stuart Leggate, 33, in 2004.

And Mr Martin insisted he would write to First Minister Alex Salmond to demand answers on Blair.
He said: “There is a risk not only of potential harm in terms of sexual offences, but to commit a crime worse than that — a potential murder which he’s suggested.”
A Scottish Government spokesman said it was probing the data loss. He added: “We have strong systems in place for the protection of the public through the Multi-Agency Public Protection Arrangements.”

A spokesman for the Association of Chief Police Officers in Scotland said: “None of the partners engaged in MAPPA will comment on specific cases or individuals. Public safety is always the main priority in all cases.”

A spokesman for Glasgow City Council said it had launched an investigation.

Last night it appeared Blair had been moved on.

"25% of all sex offenders re-offend within 15 years"
.........Sarah Tofte

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lipsychick said...

I live in Glasgow and have 2 sons and a daughter and I want to know where this beast has been housed. How can I find out? and why are our children being put at risk in this way?? This man should clearly not be allowed to live within the community he should be locked away for life. What the hell is this country coming to? I get nervous when they are out and about, I worry that there could be pedos on the social networking sites they are members of, although I monitor the pc and keep track of what they are doing online. Its a disgrace that our kids can't get to be just that because of these predators