Monday, July 13, 2009

Anthony McElvain - MySpace Predator - 2 victims and counting

Authorities are asking for help to build their case against an accused sexual predator.

Vanderburgh County Sheriff's deputies said a sexual predator found his victims on social networking sites like Facebook and Myspace.

Anthony McElvain, 32, was arrested last month for sexual misconduct. Thursday night, he faces more charges after a second victim came forward, and investigators think there are even more teenage victims in the Tri-State.
"He was going after young girls," Vanderburgh County Sheriff Eric Williams said. "Underage girls. 14-year-old local females and he was here in town."
Williams is warning Tri-State parents and teens about 32-year-old Anthony McElvain.

He was arrested last month after a missing 14-year-old girl was found hiding in his home, and sheriff's deputies said he was having sex with her.

"As we continued to explore this and execute search warrants, looked at his computer equipment, we began to find some other things and that has led us to a second victim now," Williams said.

Sheriff Williams said McElvain solicited sexual acts from the second girl, but she refused.

Investigators think there are even more underage girls who have been victimized by him.

"Whether he's just reached out to them, made contact, had dialogue with them, or if there's actually been a setup with actual physical contact like we had with the first victim," Williams said.

Investigators said McElvain used social networking sites like Myspace and Facebook to prey on underage girls.
On some of his profiles, the 32-year-old portrayed himself to be as young as 14 or 16.
Sheriff Williams said that's how he opened the door to start chatting with the girls, and then arranged to have sex with them.
McElvain has five different public profiles on Myspace and three on Facebook, either using his full name or screen names like tony mc, baby boy, pittbull, big daddy and hot and sexy.
"There's no telling how many other profiles and personalities he has going out there," Williams said.

Williams is urging parents to talk to their teens about this situation and to call the Vanderburgh County Sheriff's office if they've had any contact with McElvain.

"Both the predator and the victims are right here in our very own community," Williams said. "It is happening, it does go on, and parents need to be aware of that and they need to be monitoring what their kids are doing."

McElvain is being held in the Vanderburgh County Jail on a $100,000 bond. He now faces four separate felony charges for child solicitation and sexual misconduct with a minor.

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