Monday, October 5, 2009

Darnell James Mitchell - Repeat Sex Offender - 14 years

A previously convicted sex offender was sentenced Monday to 14 years in prison for sexually assaulting a 14-year-old girl in Lake County.

Darnell James Mitchell, of Nice, had pleaded guilty in August to one count of assault with the intent to commit rape, according to the Lake County District Attorney’s Office.
The charge carried a maximum six-year term but Lake County Superior Court Judge Arthur Mann doubled the sentence because Mitchell had been convicted of a prior strike — unlawful oral copulation — in 1997 in Alameda County, according to the District Attorney’s report.

Mann added another two years because Mitchell had served two prior prison terms, including one imposed for failure to register as a sex offender, according to the report.
Mitchell’s current prison sentence stems from a November 2008 incident during which he was consuming alcohol with the 14-year-old, an 18-year-old girl and several other people at his home, according to the report.

Mitchell and the girls left the house and went to a nearby playground where they continued to consume alcohol, the report states. The 18-year-old fled after Mitchell attempted to grope her but returned with another young woman to retrieve the girl, who had passed out. Mitchell was lying on top of the victim when they arrived but then fled, the report states.

"25% of all sex offenders re-offend within 15 years"
.........Sarah Tofte

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