Friday, October 23, 2009

Rick Dietz - Repeat Sex Offender - College Campus Predator

The man arrested for allegedly stalking students in a dorm on the Nazareth College campus is a registered Level II sex offender--police say Rick Dietz had a history of crimes against women.

Campus police caught Rick Dietz showering in Kearney Hall on the Nazareth College campus last week.

Now police have confirmed that Dietz was also spotted allegedly watching a student shower in a dorm on campus three weeks earlier.

Students were disturbed to hear this news.

"I don't like feeling like I am not safe, and that made me feel that way,” said student Stacy Jackson.

Nazareth did send email alerts with Dietz's picture to students

What they didn't know is that Dietz is a registered Level II sex offender with a history of crimes against women. (Level III is considered to be the highest threat to society.)

State corrections officials confirmed that Dietz served 8 years in state prison for burglary, attempted sexual abuse and assault.
In June of 1992, Dietz attacked and injured a female jogger. On the same day, he broke into a woman's apartment, tied her to the dresser, sat on her chest, attempted to sexually abuse her and tried to smother her with a towel.

Dietz was paroled in June of 2000 after serving two thirds of his sentence, but was returned to prison twice for violating his parole. He was denied parole a number of times because the board determined he was a danger to society and had a willingness to target women.
He was finally released in March of 2004. Rick Dietz's last local address was in the town of Perry, in Wyoming County.

Dietz is now in the Monroe County Jail, with bail is set at $75,000.

He will appear in Pittsford Town Court on October 27.

Nazareth says its security system worked in this case and the college is continuing to warn students to lock dorm doors and not let anyone in whom they don't know.

"25% of all sex offenders re-offend within 15 years"
.........Sarah Tofte

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Brian said...

Hello. I'm glad that there are other people exposing and countering sex offenders/predators of all stripes.

In this case, though the victims are not minor children per se, they are still someone's child. Predators who target those above 18are no less dangerous that child molesters or those who target minor teenagers.