Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Edward Boyle - Repeat Sex Offender - 3 time rapist being released

MIDDLETOWN, Conn. -- Edward Boyle, a convicted felon, will soon be released from from his latest stint.The sister of a woman who died at his hand is shocked he’ll be once again be out in the community.

Bev Canfield said, “By being released, he has his life, my sister doesn’t. I haven’t had her in my life for 29 years.”

Canfield has been dreading the day her sister’s killer, repeat rapist Edward Boyle Jr., is released from prison. She fears for the safety of every woman in Connecticut.

During Memorial Day weekend in 1980, Canfield’s 20-year-old sister Louisa Marie Scott was found strangled to death on the banks of the Skungamaug River in Coventry.

Canfield said, “She fought him from raping her and he strangled her and threw her body in the river like she was nothing.”
Three years later, when Boyle was in prison for rape, he confessed to killing Scott, but there was no trial because of the lack of evidence.

In 1999, Boyle completed his sentence and was released. Scott’s family fought it hard.

Canfield said, “We just knew it was going to happen again.”

And it did.
Several years later, he was back in prison for sexually assaulting a minor. Canfield heard Boyle had befriended the young girl’s family when he moved into their Groton neighborhood.

The judge sentenced him to five years followed by a special parole, which means he will live in a halfway house in Middletown, be supervised, wear a GPS device and undergo sex offender treatment.

Canfield said, “I don’t think it will work because he said he could control his urges through deep breathing. Clearly, it didn’t work. There’s a pattern there, there’s a clear pattern and I don’t think anyone who does this can be rehabilitated.”

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"25% of all sex offenders re-offend within 15 years"
.........Sarah Tofte

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