Friday, March 26, 2010

WANTED - Yahye Abdisalan - Repeat Sex Offender

A convicted sex offender accused of assaulting two sisters inside their Twin Cities home escaped from authorities as they closed in on him, police said. Minneapolis police say 32-year-old Yahye Abdisalan quit his job, left his home, and may have left the state. They have been unable to serve a search warrant on Abdisalan since January.

Police say they are worried Abdisalan will hurt someone if his alleged sexual abuse in South Minneapolis is any indication for his future actions.

A neighbor who asked to stay nameless to protect her family said since she heard about what Abdisalan may have done, she has been fearful.

"It's so scary, very scary. Anybody who has children, they'll be really afraid that you're not safe in your home," the neighbor said.

She said she has even told her five children not to go out after dark.

"They have to catch him because if he did it before he's going to do it again and again," she said.

According to a warrant filed Thursday, Abdisalan used an unlocked window to break into a family's home on Portland Ave S in December.

Investigators say he then snuck upstairs and into a bedroom where two girls were sleeping. One of the girls awoke to find a man aroused and laying on top of her.

The man tried to attack the other girl. The parents of the children heard screams, entered the room and fought off the man. They chased him down the stairs where he escaped, police said.

Investigators say Abdisalan's DNA sample on file from a previous offense matches DNA taken from gloves found at the home and from a hat the girls' mother snatched off the suspects head as he ran away.

"25% of all sex offenders re-offend within 15 years"
.........Sarah Tofte

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