Friday, February 29, 2008

John D. Freels - Child Molester

A 52-year-old Brookville man accused of raping three Dayton girls last winter remained in a Montgomery County jail on Friday, Feb. 29, on $1 million bond.

John D. Freels is accused of raping the girls, ages 4 to 9 years old, at his apartment at 621 Hay Ave. in Brookville a total of five times from September 2007 to December 2007.

"Basically what he did was he befriended the families," said Detective Don Duncan of the Brookville Police Department.

After befriending the families, Freels, a construction worker on jobs around Ohio and in adjoining states, would convince the parents to let him baby-sit the children or treat them to meals, Duncan said.

The alleged victims come from two families, Duncan said, but police are investigating whether there were other victims.

Freels is charged with five counts of rape of a child under 10. If convicted, he faces 10 years to life in prison on each charge.

He was arrested Wednesday, Feb. 27, after authorities interviewed the alleged victims at the CareHouse facility in Dayton.

Bond was set during a hearing Thursday, Feb. 28, in Montgomery County District Court in New Lebanon.

The case was referred to the Montgomery County Public Defender's Office and scheduled for presentation Thursday to a grand jury.

Police ask anyone with information to call (937) 833-2001.

Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Bishop Frederick Kelley - Repeat Sex Offender with a history of rape spanning 35 years

"25% of sex offenders re-offend within 15 years"
.....says Sarah Tofte

A Decatur pastor faces at least 25 years in prison after being convicted of aggravated sexual battery and child molestation of his 15-year-old foster child, authorities said.

DeKalb County prosecutors contend Bishop Frederick Kelley, who headed Greater New Macedonia Church of God in Christ, had a history of child molestation and rape involving family members going back 35 years.

Kelley has vehemently proclaimed his innocence.

He was in the DeKalb jail Sunday awaiting a sentencing date after a jury found him guilty Friday of two counts of sexual battery and four counts of child molestation.

The minimum sentence is 25 years. The jury acquitted him of rape.

Kelley was arrested in January 2007 on charges of rape and molestation involving a 15-year-old foster girl in his house.

The pastor proclaimed his innocence in a TV news broadcast.

The newscast prompted three of his relatives to tell police that he molested or raped them years before, said Peter Boehm, the DeKalb prosecutor who handled the case.

"They had thought he stopped — or 'hoped,' I guess, is the better way to say it," Boehm said.

Attempts to reach the Kelley family for comment were unsuccessful Sunday.

Boehm introduced four other child molestation cases, involving Kelley's family members and another foster child, during the eight-day trial in Superior Court that ended Friday.

The first case involved a family member who was 12 years old when the incident allegedly occurred in 1972, Boehm said.

The woman testified at the trial that she awoke one night and found Kelley on top of her. She shoved him off, and Kelley "pretended to be sleepwalking," Boehm said.

Another family member testified that the pastor impregnated her in 1979, when she was 15.

DeKalb prosecutor Boehm alleges that in 1993, Kelley molested the daughter of the first victim.

Kelley eventually targeted foster children he and his wife supported, Boehm said.

Besides the 15-year-old who filed the charges for which Kelley was prosecuted, another foster daughter, age 14, testified the defendant inappropriately touched her when he came into her bedroom one night in 2006 but claimed to be "praying over her."

Kelley's wife testified that her husband was guilty only of an adulterous affair with the girl who became pregnant in 1979.

The Kelleys raised the baby he fathered as their own child, Boehm said.

That affair was the only sexual misconduct Kelley and his wife acknowledged, Boehm said.

"They denied all the others," he said.

Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Leroy Hobson - Repeat Sex Offender

"25% of sex offenders re-offend within 15 years"
.....says Sarah Tofte

On February 25, 2008 shortly after 5 p.m., a Lexington police officer was involved in a shooting while investigating a complaint of a subject for contributing to the delinquency of a minor. Police have charged 24 year-old Leroy Hobson of 1566 Ballsville Road, Powhatan, Virginia with the following offenses: possession of a loaded weapon, brandishing a firearm, felony assault on a police officer, possession of a firearm after being convicted of a violent crime, use of a firearm in the commission of a felony and attempted capital murder.

Lexington Police Chief Steve Crowder said that while being confronted by police, Hobson jumped out an apartment window located at 308 McLaughlin Street carrying a rifle.

After a short foot pursuit, Hobson fell, dropping the gun. The suspect then got up, retrieved the weapon and turned toward the officer, and after refusing to stop and drop his weapon, the officer fired his weapon at the suspect. It was unclear at the scene if the suspect had been shot or was injured when he fell down an embankment into a creek near the law offices of Tommy Spencer and Lee Taylor.

Hobson was taken into custody and transported to Stonewall Jackson Hospital where he was treated for a head injury, and it was later determined that he was not struck by the officer's bullets.

Lexington Police are now conducting an internal review after the incident, part of its procedures in such cases. The officer who fired at the suspect will not be identified until the internal review is completed, said Crowder.

Hobson was recently released from prison, is registered in Virginia as a Violent Sex Offender, and is now being held without bond at the Rockbridge Regional Jail.

He is no stranger to law enforcement. On July 30, 2001, he was convicted of forcible sodomy in Powhatan Circuit Court. Prior to that time he was employed as a construction worker with J. Williams Constructin Company in Cumberland, Virginia.

Irene Hunt - allowed son to be sexually abused

Irene Hunt, the common-law wife of a self-styled religious leader, has been sentenced to 14 years in prison for transporting her 7-year-old son to have sex with an adult.

Hunt's common-law husband, 60-year-old Allen Harrod of Sacramento, was found guilty earlier this month of transporting minors for sexual activity.

He was accused of engaging in ritualistic sex acts with children from two families for more than a decade as part of a religion he claimed to have started. One of his followers, 48-year-old Michael Labrecque, also was previously convicted.
Hunt, 53, already was in state prison, serving 20 years and eight months on child sex abuse charges. She then pleaded guilty to additional charges of transporting her son to Texas to have sex with another of Harrod's followers, Juliette Labrecque, who was then 33.

Hunt agreed to cooperate with prosecutors and testified against Harrod and Labrecque. U.S. District Judge William B. Shubb ordered her sentence to run concurrently with the remaining 14 years she has yet to serve on the state prison sentence.

Jurors deadlocked on charges against Labrecque, leading Shubb to declare a mistrial in her case.

The crimes stemmed from a religion that was created by Harrod and that encouraged sex with children to promote their maturation. Shubb said the professed religion was nothing more than a rationale for child sexual abuse.

Harrod is serving two life terms plus 62 years in California state prison on multiple molestation charges. He and Michael Labrecque are scheduled to be sentenced April 21 on the federal charges. They face up to life in prison.

Prosecutors said the crimes were committed between 1991 and 2002.

Genaro Hernandez - Child Predator - Candy Man

Police have charged an East Austin man with two counts of aggravated sexual assault of a child, and they say there may be more victims out there.

The sounds of children playing Monday were muffled by shocking news to East Austin neighbors and parents.

"I just don’t see how people just do that to children," said Latisha Toran.

The playground at the Booker T. Washington Apartments in East Austin is in direct view of the apartment where police say Genaro Hernandez, 62, currently lives. He's an accused child predator.

"He went by the name of ‘Candy Man’ or ‘Generator’ and he used to sell candy and pickles to the kids in the neighborhood," said Sgt. Brian Loyd, Austin Police Department.

The allegations stem from 1999 when police say Hernandez lived at the Rosewood Apartments in East Austin.

Two sisters, now ages 13 and 14, recently came forward about being assaulted by Hernandez. Police say the older sister, was the first victim. She was 6-years-old when she went to his apartment to buy candy.

"While she was at his residence, he had her undress and he sexually assaulted her," said Loyd.

Several days later, police say the same thing happened to the girl's 5-year-old sister.

"Its a shock. It really is. He was more to himself always and his wife," said Alma Lara, neighbor.

Hernandez's current neighbors at the Booker T. Washington Apartments were surprised to hear the news.

"He was nice, but you can't trust nobody now these days," said Lara.

"You just never know what’s in people's mind -- no matter how good they are to you," said Toran.

Joshua Peterson lives next door.

"He lives by the park.. Not even 50 feet (away)," Peterson said.

Police say it's common for children to wait years to report crimes like this because of embarrassment or they feel it's their fault.

Investigators hope, if there are more victims out there, they will come forward.

If convicted, Hernandez faces a minimum of 10 years on the first degree felony charges.

Roger Dwight Williams - Indicted on 20 counts felony rape against children

Scott County Sheriff Anthony Lay said Tuesday that a man has been indicted and arrested on 20 counts of felony rape against children, as well as charges of kidnapping and aggravated sexual battery.

Roger Dwight Williams, who has residences in both Scott and Morgan counties, is accused of abusing six different children, both boys and girls.

Sheriff Lay says the investigation is ongoing, and more charges may be filed. He also said authorities are looking into the possibility that Williams may have been part of a pedophile ring.

The crimes were committed between 2002 and 2007, and authorities began their investigation in December 2007.

Williams will be arraigned April 7.

Dead Children Discovered at Pedophiles House

Police are excavating at a former children's home on the Channel Island of Jersey after finding a child's remains there.

Jersey's Deputy Chief Police Officer Lenny Harper says information from a child abuse investigation led officers to the remains. He says officers fear other bodies may be hidden on the grounds of the children's home, which closed in 1986.

He says police don't not know whether the remains were male or female, but an expert confirmed they did not belong to an adult.

Harper says the investigation began in November when a number of former staff members were arrested on suspicion of pedophile crimes.

Jersey's Chief Minister Frank Walker says he felt "deep horror and sadness" at the discovery in St. Martin on the island's east coast.

Joseph Gibson - Sex Offender working in Day Care

Some parents pulled their children out of a local day care after learning a registered sex offender worked at the facility.

The Cabinet of Health and Family Services told the Growing Place it had to fire the employee Tuesday morning.

Joseph Gibson, 36, was convicted of first-degree sex abuse of a 20-year-old 12 years ago.

The owner of the Growing Place said she was aware of his past and says a state worker told her it was OK for him to work with kids.

“I would say rule number one of working in a day care center, that's not somebody you would hire,” said parent Jeff Kennedy. “It's kind of like if you run a restaurant, you don't let rats cook the hamburgers.”

Until Tuesday morning, Kennedy never really knew who was cooking at the Growing Place. For six weeks, Gibson served lunch to pre-school age and younger children.

Teacher Rita Bryant said there was no problem with Gibson. Loxi Foree, the center's owner, said she had no concerns about the hire.

“He is also married to my assistant director, who's been here five years,” she said. “I believe people have the ability to change and I wanted to give him that opportunity to show that.”

Foree said when she performed a background check, she called the state to ask if Gibson could work for her. She said a state worker claimed it was OK since his crime didn't involve a child.

“We have no record of any such conversation and we would defer to KRS 17.165, Section 4,” said Cabinet of Health and Family Services spokeswoman Janis Stewart.

State statute says, "No child-care center… shall employ, in a position which involves supervisory or disciplinary power over a minor, or direct contact with a minor, any person who is a violent offender or has been convicted of a sex crime."

Last week, the state returned to the center for an annual review. A spokesperson with the Cabinet for Health and Family Services said they learned of Gibson’s hiring, investigated the issue and returned Tuesday to make sure he had been terminated.

Foree disputes that claim, saying the state admitted it misinterpreted the law and ordered the termination based on a tip.

Foree said there is no dispute and that her facility is a reputable one.

“We have a very loving staff here. We have security on the door,” she said. “We've followed every procedure. You can check our records with the state of Kentucky. Your children are safe here.”

Jesse Stahl - Repeat Sex Offender

"25% of sex offenders re-offend within 15 years"
.....says Sarah Tofte

A Yakima man pleaded guilty in federal court Tuesday to having hundreds of child pornography images on his computer.

Police found the photos when they searched Jesse Stahl's home more than year ago.

Detectives had arrested him on allegations he repeatedly raped a girl with a mental disability then looked through another alleged victim's window as she undressed.

"It's just disgusting to know that people have the go after innocent children," said Jackie Frey who worked across Stahl.

He's labeled as a level three sex offender, which means the state believes he's likely to offend again.

Before his most recent arrest Stahl admitted to police he exposed himself more than a dozen times to groups of young girls. He's also been charged with child molestation, child rape and voyeurism.

"I have grandkids coming in and out of here," said Daniel Enriques, who said his grandchildren stopped coming to his home when his children found out he lived next door to a convicted sex offender. "They didn't want to bring their kids anymore."

But Enriques may not need to worry, at least for 15 years. That's how much time Stahl faces for the child porn case.

Stahl is expected to get sentenced this summer.

"He should be put away for as long as possible," Frey said.

Diaper Loving Child Molester to be evaluated

The Crown is hoping to have a diaper-loving Spruce Grove pervert who molested his young niece and downloaded child pornography bundled up for a long time.

Prosecutor Diane Hollinshead today asked a Stony Plain judge to order a psychiatric assessment of the 46-year-old man to be used in a long-term offender hearing.

The man’s defence lawyer opposed the assessment and the two sides are slated to argue the point on March 19.

Offenders who are declared long-term offenders can be ordered supervised in the community for up to 10 years following the completion of their prison sentence.

The man, who cannot be identified to protect the identity of his victim, earlier pleaded guilty to sexual interference, possession of child porn and accessing child porn.

According to agreed facts, police raided the Spruce Grove home the man shared with his mom and seized about 1,100 DVDs and CDs with titles such as Incest, Teen Tryout and Little Girls, eight computer hard drives, eight large “child” dolls and adult diapers.

After he was arrested at his workplace, police also found an MP3 player, two boxes of mini-CDs containing child porn and another adult diaper.

He confessed to listening to child porn audio files on his MP3 player and said listening to the stories helped him understand the bad things he had done in the past.

Police had first begun investigating the man in October 2006 and had discovered he was using an eBay account to buy adult diapers from “DiaperDad1,” an online store selling diapers to the “adult baby” community.

He spoke to police about his diaper fetish as well as the dolls seized from his home and said: “I substitute with a doll so I don’t really do it with children.”

After his arrest the man confessed to his mom that he had molested his niece, now 11, and police determined it had happened when she was between three and four.

Sunday, February 24, 2008

David J. Edwards - Convicted Pedophile Offers Cheap Babysitting Services

"25% of sex offenders re-offend within 15 years"
.....says Sarah Tofte

Waupun police have arrested a sex offender who they said was offering cheap baby-sitting services.

Police said they were notified on Feb. 19 by a Waupun woman that David J. Edwards had made numerous contacts with her.

Investigators said he told the woman that he loved children and that he "baby-sat real cheap."

Police arrested Edwards on Thursday.

According to the state's sex offender Web site, Edwards was convicted of second-degree sexual assault of a child in 1995 in Dodge County.

WANTED: Bill Dwayne Dulen - Child Molester and Producer of Child Porn

A Roosevelt man missing since January and suspected of sexually abusing a 7-year-old girl has been indicted by a federal grand jury on charges of production and possession of child pornography.

Bill Dwayne Dulen, 40, has been missing since Jan. 5, when his wife confronted him in a phone call with allegations of child sex abuse after she found a note from the alleged victim to her husband in the couple's home. There is an outstanding warrant for Dulen's arrest on two state counts of aggravated sex abuse of a child.

According to a two-count indictment handed up Wednesday in U.S. District Court, Dulen convinced his alleged victim — for a period of two years — to engage in sexually explicit conduct while he photographed her. He is also accused of having child pornography on a computer seized from his home following his disappearance.

Roosevelt Police Lt. Ben Lemmon said investigators have had no luck tracking down Dulen since his abandoned truck was found in a remote area of Uintah County two days after the confrontation with his wife. Several searches of the area turned up footprints leaving the vehicle's passenger side and walking back to another set of tire tracks. There were no other footprints in the freshly fallen snow.

Saturday, February 23, 2008

Timothy Lawless - Pedophile tells judge Child Porn is his 'therapy'

A 24-year-old Calais man told a Washington County Superior Court judge that looking at child pornography served as a form of therapy for him after working with abused children helped him confront his own demons of child abuse.

Under cross-examination by First Assistant District Attorney Paul Cavanaugh, Lawless didn’t have an answer for why he disseminated the pornographic images to two others with comments such as "Hope you’re not disappointed," and "Hope you like it."

Judge E. Allen Hunter nonetheless sentenced Timothy Lawless on Wednesday to three years in prison with all but 120 days suspended. Lawless could have been sentenced to up to 10 years behind bars.

Lawless was placed on six years probation and ordered to perform 600 hours of community service. He also has to register as a sex offender for the next 10 years and complete a psychological evaluation from a mental health professional trained in sexual abuse issues.

"He needs some professional health intervention to deal with these issues," the judge said.

On Feb. 5, Lawless entered guilty pleas to two counts of dissemination and two counts of possession of sexually explicit material. The incidents occurred from November 2006 until May 2007 when he was caught. Some of the images police confiscated were of children under the age of 12, while others were of minors under the age of 18. Lawless admitted he sent two e-mails with sexually explicit images attached to them — one to an individual in the United Kingdom and the other to someone in Scotland. In all, 300 pictures were found in Lawless’ Internet accounts.

On the witness stand Tuesday, Lawless said he was 9 years old when he was sexually abused over a three-day period by a 17-year-old. He said he was ashamed and never told anyone.

In May 2004, Lawless said he was hired first part time and later full time as a behavioral tech at the Calais Children’s Project, a residential treatment program for children who suffer from a variety of medical, emotional, neurological and behavioral problems. He is no longer employed there.

He testified that working at the treatment center brought back memories of his own abuse. He said he felt a connection with the children and felt he could help "fix" the kids, especially those who had been sexually abused.

"I felt my experience would help them," he said.

Lawless went on the Internet in 2006. He said he looked at the child pornography as a kind of therapy because the images disgusted him and made him cry. He denied he had received sexual gratification from the pictures.

On May 7, Calais police told Lawless they had found the porn in his Internet account and confronted him. He told police his computer had crashed, so they were unable to examine it. After he was arrested, Lawless accepted responsibility and sought counseling. Lawless said he would prefer probation to jail.

"I’d rather be dead than sit in prison," he told the judge.

Under cross-examination by First Assistant District Attorney Paul Cavanaugh, Lawless didn’t have an answer for why he disseminated the pornographic images to two others with comments such as "Hope you’re not disappointed," and "Hope you like it."

When asked why he hadn’t sought counseling from trained professionals at the treatment center, Lawless said he didn’t feel he could trust them because of how they treated the children. He said they "hollered" at them.

Lawless’ psychotherapist, John Helmstadter of Alexander, testified that in the past Lawless kept his problems "bottled up" inside, but with counseling he had confronted them.

Helmstadter suggested Lawless be placed on probation and allowed to participate in community service. "I think this is a man well on his way to being salvaged," he testified.

Lawless’ mother, Carmen Small of Robbinston, said her son never confided in her that he had been molested. Had she known, she said, she would have sought help for him. She said her son was a "24-year-old virgin" who did not abuse drugs or alcohol. "He was a victim. I wish he’d told me. He has owned up to it and sought help," she said.

During closing arguments, Lawless’ attorney, Jeffrey Davidson of East Machias, noted his client was not a predatory individual.

"This is not a case of a person seeking out children and preying on them. This is not for profit. Three hundred images is not a lot of pictures in the Internet world," he said.

Davidson also noted the images were not of youngsters engaged in sexual acts with adults, but were of naked youngsters sitting in various positions. "Tim did make victims of these children but not for self-gratification. He did it to deal with his own issue," he said.

Cavanaugh disagreed. He said Lawless frequented child pornography sites and forwarded those images on to others. To say the children were just posing, Cavanaugh argued, minimized how serious the incident was.

During sentencing, the judge noted that Lawless had taken responsibility for what he had done, but believed the Calais man was in denial. He rejected Lawless’ argument that he had received no sexual gratification from the images.

"His statement lacks the ring of truth," the judge said.

He also rejected Lawless’ argument that working with children with problems similar to his helped not only him, but also the children.

"That just doesn’t compute," the justice said. "[And] his criticism that the staff abused children was not believable ... and undermines his credibility."

Although Lawless’ attorney asked for time before his client had to report to jail, the judge rejected that request. "The day is here, he needs to go," Hunter said.

Lawless was placed in handcuffs and taken to the Washington County Jail.

Judge Richard T. Moses - Wimp Judge Endangers Children

a Herald review of his 18-page decision shows the Superior Court judge knew Flavell had been arrested and convicted on a variety of sex offenses between 1996 and 2003, including masturbating in public, threatening children and brutally beating and attempting to rape a woman in Methuen. That 1996 attack took place just hours after he’d been arrested for masturbating in a department store.

Still, Moses ruled that prosecutors failed to prove “beyond a reasonable doubt” that Flavell would reoffend if he was sprung from prison.

"25% of all sex offenders re-offend within 15 years"
..... Sarah Tofte

The serial sex fiend busted for allegedly stalking a woman in a Braintree bookstore bathroom left a trail of escalating depravity encompassing nearly a dozen incidents over seven years, including a violent attempted rape.

Judge Richard T. Moses knew twisted sex freak David Flavell’s history of arrests from New Hampshire to Fairhaven when he set free the Level 3 offender in 2006, ruling he posed no danger to the public, according to court filings obtained by the Herald.

In Moses’ written decision, he noted that five medical experts consulted to help decide whether to civilly commit Flavell as a sexually dangerous person agreed that he was not a threat.

“It really is Russian roulette when you make these decisions. And in this case, there happened to be a bullet in the chamber,” said Dr. Marc Whaley, a Cape Cod psychiatrist who has evaluated sex offenders facing civil commitment.

Flavell remained held yesterday on $10,000 cash bail for allegedly ambushing a Holbrook woman in the ladies room of the Borders bookstore in Braintree Jan. 29. He carried a backpack later found to contain a ski mask, gloves and duct tape.

On Wednesday, Flavell will be arraigned in Boston on charges last year that he used pay phones on the Esplanade and at Massachusetts General Hospital to place “several lewd and disturbing” calls to a national center that helps missing and exploited children.

The sexually graphic alleged calls and the Borders incident happened subsequent to Moses’ order.

But a Herald review of his 18-page decision shows the Superior Court judge knew Flavell had been arrested and convicted on a variety of sex offenses between 1996 and 2003, including masturbating in public, threatening children and brutally beating and attempting to rape a woman in Methuen. That 1996 attack took place just hours after he’d been arrested for masturbating in a department store.

Still, Moses ruled that prosecutors failed to prove “beyond a reasonable doubt” that Flavell would reoffend if he was sprung from prison.

Yesterday, the woman Flavell attempted to rape said she couldn’t believe her attacker was not behind bars all these years.

“He obviously keeps doing the same thing over and over again. There’s something really wrong with this man,” she said, speaking on condition of anonymity.

Moses came under fire earlier this month after it was revealed that Corey Saunders, 26, another registered Level 3 sex offender the judge refused to civilly commit in 2006, was arrested for allegedly raping a 6-year-old boy in a New Bedford library.

In the Flavell case, Moses acknowledged that the pervert was an exhibitionist, but his demented acts did “not rise to the level of conduct which would make him a menace to the health and safety of others.”

Moses declined comment. But Whaley, who agrees with the judge’s decision, said exhibitionists like Flavell generally repeat the same obsessive behavior without necessarily moving up to physical attacks.

“The big problem with all of this is predicting future behavior,” Whaley said of civil commitments.

Defense attorney Edward P. Ryan Jr., whose clientele has included sex offenders and who is now chairman of the Massachusetts Bar Association’s Task Force on Fair and Impartial Courts, also agreed with Moses’ decision.

“The tragedy of these high-profile cases is, somebody gets skewered because they operated in good faith when the evidence wasn’t there,” Ryan said. “And in this case, it just wasn’t there.”

13% of all new sex crimes are committed by
registered sex offenders.
Currently registered sex offenders are
one fifth of one percent of the population

0.2% of the population is committing 13%
of all NEW sex crimes
per Sarah Tofte

Jason Adam Fly - Repeat Sex Offender - Hid Camera in daughters room

The girls were friends with Fly's 13-year-old daughter
in December 2005 when they discovered he had
a hidden camera in her room

"25% of all sex offenders re-offend within 15 years"
..... Sarah Tofte

A man described as a "pedophile,” "deviant” and "serial sex offender” was sentenced Wednesday to six years in prison.

Jason Adam Fly, a former deacon at Edmond Church of Christ, apologized to the people he has hurt with his terrible choices, but it probably wasn't enough for the families who said they were betrayed by him.

Fly, 47, pleaded guilty Feb. 7 to seven felony counts stemming from pornographic pictures of his teenage daughter's friends found by police in his possession more than two years ago.

There were more than 400 pictures of the nude or partially clothed girls on Fly's electronic organizer, according to court papers.

The girls were friends with Fly's 13-year-old daughter
in December 2005 when they discovered he had
a hidden camera in her room, the affidavit states.

Prosecutors said it was not an accident that Fly captured images of the girls, even though he still "pretends” it was inadvertent.

Assistant District Attorney Jimmy Harmon said there was no reason for Fly, who claimed he installed the hidden cameras to keep his son from sneaking out, to put one across from the toilet seat in his daughter's bathroom.

"This took a great deal of planning,” Harmon said.

Victims make statements

Parents of the three girls whose pictures were taken by Fly expressed their outrage before District Judge Jerry Bass determined the sentence.

"No one ever thinks they will be the victims of a predatory pedophile,” one of the mothers said. "We thought we were doing everything right.”

She said she and her then-13-year-old daughter trusted Fly implicitly, only to be betrayed by him. Now her daughter is always worried she is being videotaped by some "deviant.”

The woman begged the judge to send Fly to prison for at least 20 years.

Another mother said she wanted Fly locked up so her family would be spared from running into him.

A third mother read a statement written by her daughter, who Harmon said was too emotional to read it herself.

"For all I know, they would do the same things you did,” she said. "Other people will forgive you, but I never will.”

The woman, who has known Fly since they were in elementary school, pushed her daughter to make friends with Fly's daughter, according to her daughter's statement.

The girl joined her mother as she struggled to read her statement, then took over reading it to the judge.

She said Fly is "messed up in the head” and deserves a long prison sentence so he won't be able to hurt anyone else.

Fly has been in treatment with a counselor since a week after his January 2006 arrest. He also has been diagnosed and has begun treatment for bipolar disorder.

Defense sought mercy

Defense attorney Mack Martin asked the judge to consider sentencing Fly to probation so he could continue his treatment.

He said Fly, an Air Force veteran, poses a low risk of committing future crimes.

Fly acknowledged he has made some "terrible” choices in the past, including a misdemeanor indecent exposure conviction that ended his military career.

He asked Bass for mercy so he could continue supporting his family.

Bass considered Fly's case in his chambers for about half an hour before sentencing the Edmond resident to six years.

Fly, who must serve at least 85 percent of that sentence before he is eligible for parole, also will be on probation for 20 years after his release.

Daniel Williams - Repeat Sex Offender

13% of all new sex crimes are committed by
registered sex offenders.
Currently registered sex offenders are
one fifth of one percent of the population

0.2% of the population is committing 13%
of all NEW sex crimes

per Sarah Tofte

"25% of all sex offenders re-offend within 15 years"
..... Sarah Tofte

A pervert wanted for failing to register as a sex offender was nabbed by transit cops after allegedly flashing two women at a Back Bay T station.

Num OffensesOffenseConviction

Level 3 sex offender Daniel Williams, 49, was arrested Wednesday after the women, ages 24 and 20, complained to cops at Hynes T station at about 9:30 a.m..

“It is alleged he exposed himself in front of two women,” said MBTA spokesman Joe Pesaturo.

When MBTA cops charged Williams with open and gross lewdness, they learned that he had outstanding warrants for failing to register as a sex offender and failing to appear for probation in Chelsea.

Williams was arraigned yesterday at Boston Municipal Court and was held on $10,000 cash bail.

Williams, whose address was listed as Boylston Street in Dorchester, was convicted on two counts of rape in 1978, indecent assault and battery in 1993 and open and gross lewdness in 2001, 2004 and 2006, according to the Massachusetts Sex Offender Registry Board.

Dylan Sullivan - Repeat Sex Offender

Sarah Tofte of the Human Rights Watch says 25% of all sex offenders
re-offend within 15 years

A sexual predator who repeatedly raped and threatened a child over a three-year period, from the time the child was 8 years old, has been put behind bars.

In Washburn County Circuit Court in Shell Lake last Thursday, Judge Michael Gableman, a Burnett County circuit court judge, agreed with Washburn County District Attorney Mike Bitney that Dylan Sullivan of Fond du Lac should receive a severe penalty for his crimes.

Gableman declared that Sullivan, 38, will receive prison time and extensive supervision well into his twilight years.
Gableman sentenced Sullivan to 15 years in prison and 15 years supervision for the Washburn County charge of repeated rape.

He also will serve 10 years in prison plus 10 years supervision for sexual assault and repeated sexual assault charges in Sawyer County. That sentence had originally been imposed and stayed by Sawyer County Judge Norman Yackel in July 2006, and Sullivan was released on probation.

“He’ll be supervised for the next 50 years,” Bitney said.

Bitney also asked that Sullivan have no contact with the family of the child he assaulted, or any other minor female. The abuse took place in three separate counties, Sawyer, Washburn and Ashland, and Sullivan was charged in each.

At the sentencing Bitney began by calling to the witness stand the victim herself. The child, now 15, came forward and was sworn in. Earlier in tears, the young lady regained her composure and presented a strong case against her attacker.

“My mom had been dating Dylan,” she said. “I thought of him as a father. I was raped. I thought it was just a bad dream ... I didn’t know what was going on. I was really confused. He repeatedly raped me almost every day. I wanted to tell my mom, but I couldn’t. I didn’t know how she would react.”

The assault continued for years, she said, and being a little girl, she kept believing it was just a bad dream as it would occur at night.

“I’d try not to fall asleep at night,” she said. “But one night I was awake and it happened. I knew it wasn’t a dream. I was kicking and screaming.”

The assaults got more aggressive, she stated, taking place in the non-sleeping hours.

As she grew older she began to fight back.

“I’d kick, punch, elbow, and bite him,” she said. “He took away my innocence. I know people think it is part my fault for letting it go on so long. I was raped repeatedly for three years.”

She expressed a fear that if released, Sullivan would “do it again to little girls.” She stressed that she did not blame her mother at all, who she finally told of the assaults.

“You disclosed this in May of 2004?” asked Bitney.

“Yes,” said the girl.

When Bitney asked the child what sentence she would like to see Judge Gableman hand down to Sullivan she replied, “… as long as possible.”

Defense Attorney Julie Smith had no questions.

Bitney then called to the witness stand the victim’s mother.

The girl’s mother disclosed that fear of Sullivan’s temper was one reason she did not immediately file charges upon learning of the abuse.

“The main reason I waited as long as I did to turn him in, was I was in fear for myself and my family,” she said. “He made threats to my daughter when he molested her. I needed to know I could keep my family safe. I fear him … he is seriously disturbed and dangerous … he was trying to claim my daughter liked what he was doing to her. That disgusts me. All she knew was she was afraid. He needs to be held accountable.”

The victim’s mother stated she hoped for the maximum sentence for Sullivan.

“What he did is unforgivable and disgusting,” she said.

Gableman also received a written statement from the mother, in which she called Sullivan “controlling and abusive,” someone who threatened the child to stay silent. She said he also threatened to not only kill the girl, but also her, her son and himself.

The youngster finally got the courage to go forward, stated her mother, after seeing a film about abuse in school that helped her realize what was happening to her.

“Dylan admitted to molesting her about 100 times, for three years, almost every night. That is more like 1,000 times. What he did to her will forever be in her soul,” said the mother. “We as a society need to step up to protect our children from sexual predators like the defendant. I would like to see my daughter get the justice she deserves. I’m hoping the court will see him for what he is, a very disturbed and dangerous criminal.”

In phone testimony, Dr. Peggy Dennison, a social worker who works with sex offenders, including Sullivan, disclosed that Sullivan also had admitted to assaulting two other girls, one 16 and one 15, as well as a toddler while changing a diaper.

“I consider Sullivan a high risk (to abuse again),” said Dennison. She noted the duration of abuse and the use of force, as well as his deviant sexual arousal, history of alcohol and drug abuse, and the fact that he was abused himself. “Yes, I consider him a high risk.”

Bitney asked Dennison if she thought Sullivan should be in a correctional institution.

“Absolutely,” she replied.

Questioned by Attorney Smith, Dennison said that during her time with Sullivan she felt he might have been abusing medicines as “ … he seemed tired and lethargic.” She said he also attempted to portray himself as the victim and “ … often appeared to want sympathy.”

“Your opinion of Mr. Sullivan has not changed since 2006?” asked Smith.

“No, it has not,” said Dennison, advocating a prison sentence. “I believe Mr. Sullivan is dangerous.”

Parole and probation officer Jennifer Whitehead, who took over Sullivan’s file in February 2007, when asked by Bitney if she considered Sullivan a danger to the community, replied “Yes.”

Private investigator and Probation Agent Sander Engelsgjerd, however, offered a different opinion.

“I found him not to be a high risk to reoffend,” he said.

But Bitney questioned Engelsgjerd, stating, “You told him to be honest and forthcoming on his history. Yet he didn’t tell you of prior assaults?”

“He did not,” said Engelsgjerd, who said he was concerned Sullivan would not get treatment for his problems until late in his sentence if sent to prison.

“He would also not have access to minor children while in a correctional facility either, would he?” asked Bitney.

“He would not,” said Engelsgjerd.

Bitney maintained that in prison Sullivan would get treatment sooner than Engelsgjerd suggested.

Dr. James Peterson also met personally with Sullivan and testified that he found Sullivan “ … feeling picked on and depressed, doing a lot of brooding. He had low self-esteem and low ability to negotiate with others. He is the sort of person easily rattled, with a certain amount of anger, easily withdrawn. He tended to see himself as incompetent.”

Peterson also stated he saw Sullivan as “ … a low risk for reoffending.”

Bitney asked Peterson is he was aware of the additional victims, and the doctor stated he was not.

“You later learned of more victims, one as young as 3?” asked Bitney.

“Correct,” said Peterson.

“Did you know the offenses dated back 13 years?” asked Bitney.

“I do not recall,” said Peterson, who then stated that statistics showed persons who offended one to six years were higher risks than those who have offended longer.

“It seems to me the longer a person offends, the higher the risk,” replied Bitney.

Joanie Boss, Sullivan’s sister and a victim of sexual abuse herself, said she still supported her brother because he had admitted what he’d done.

“I respect him for taking responsibility … he did the best he could after the fact,” she said. “We can’t change what he did. But he admitted it and faced it, contrary to what I’ve heard today.”

“He’s not here just for one crime,” concluded Bitney. “His victim was a girl age 8 through 11 who experienced a nightmare. She was raped almost daily. She didn’t know what he was doing to her was wrong because she was so young. The defendant was originally placed on probation and he failed. He failed in sex offender treatment. He (abused) a child younger than 3.

“To say that he is a low risk is wrong. This defendant in my opinion is a sexual predator … he needs to be locked away for a long time.”

“I agree with Mr. Bitney,” said Smith. “I cannot excuse the behavior of my client. Mr. Sullivan told me from day one he did do these acts with the child.”

Smith said she thought Sullivan’s sister was persuasive, and said he had remorse.

“I am asking the court to place him on 10 years probation,” she said, stating concern for Sullivan’s treatment and adding that Dr. Peterson was a credible witness.

Sullivan himself spoke.

“I’m disgusted with my actions,” he said. “I want to do what I need to do to make sure it never happens again,” adding an apology to his victims.

Gableman returned to court with his decision following a short break.

“I have reviewed and considered this matter,” he said. “I have considered sentencing guidelines, nature and gravity.

“To (the child), I want to tell you how impressed this court is with what you have done, the fact that you came forward. You are a bright, intelligent young person. You have many blessings and many gifts, and you must not allow this to get in the way of your full potential.

“No possible outcome can restore that victim to where she should have been at this time. The only reason this conduct stopped was because the child came forward.”

The judge then sentenced Sullivan, adding that Sullivan will pay restitution, maintain “absolute sobriety,” and be placed on the Wisconsin Sex Offender registry in accordance with Section 301.45, “… for the rest of your life.”

Junior Spencer - Repeat Sex Offender - Pedophile

"25% of all sex offenders re-offend within 15 years"
..... Sarah Tofte

You've been hearing his name since Thursday. But if it rings any alarm bells, that may be because it's not the first time his moniker has come up.

More than 24 hours ago, Toronto Police released the name of Junior Spencer, a man with a long history of sexually assaulting children and making and distributing child pornography. Cops warned he was being released from prison and was coming back to live in Toronto under very strict conditions. But they feared he was at a high risk to re-offend and told parents to watch out for him.

Spencer is staying at a halfway house on Keele St., prompting the Toronto District School Board to issue a warning of its own to parents.

There's good reason for the caution. Because Spencer has been in the news many, many times before.

The first time you heard his name was in a CityNews report on September 19, 2000. That was the day cops revealed the existence of an entity known as "The Family". But there was nothing familial about the group. Instead, it was a ring of 20-25 males who specialized in child pornography.

And to the shock of many, its apparent ringleader was running the operation out of a secure facility: Warkworth Correctional Institute. Spencer was in another jail but was also charged with being a member and distributing the disgusting content.

Cops called it a highly organized ring and a danger to children. "They're being preyed upon by operations like this," related Supt. Ron Taverner. "Obviously if this stuff is being manufactured, young people are being duped."

Flash forward to February 2003 and Spencer's name surfaces again - this time in a scenario that's eerily familiar. He's being released after his sentence ends, prompting a warning from police that he's at a high risk to commit similar crimes again.

They outlined a scenario about how he approaches children. "Typically, he befriends them and in some cases, he's taken pictures and pornographic images of them and distributes them to some of his friends," explained Det Sgt. Elizabeth Byrnes.

Parents worried and police kept watch, but despite extreme conditions placed on his freedom, it wasn't enough to stop him.

A year later, in May 2004, cops' worst fears were realized when Junior Spencer was rearrested after authorities raided a home near Lansdowne and Dupont. This time, the pedophile was found to be a member of a new group called "The Company". But the name change hadn't altered his sick desires.

"What they do is go out in our community and seek out and find street kids, kids that are either runaways or have been kicked out and make them offers of housing and food," detailed Staff Insp. Bruce Smollet. "And in exchange, they're forced to participate in various sex acts."

It's those charges that put Spencer back behind bars. Now, almost four years later, his time served is up and he's returned to Toronto in a disturbing and seemingly endless loop for the justice system - back on the streets amid warnings he'll be looking for more victims among your kids.

13% of all new sex crimes are committed by
registered sex offenders.
Currently registered sex offenders are
one fifth of one percent of the population

0.2% of the population is committing 13%
of all NEW sex crimes
per Sarah Tofte

Jerry Norman Jones - Captured daughter stealer and registered sex offender

When Jerry Norman Jones heard early Friday morning that he was wanted by authorities for allegedly violating the conditions of his bond, he told his estranged wife in a phone conversation that he wanted to read the Bible and pray.

At the time, Jones was free on $40,000 bond after being charged with molesting four of his third-grade students at Gainesville Elementary School.

Sometime in the next two hours after the phone call ended, Jones packed up his Ford Taurus, scooped up his sleeping 4-year-old daughter Madison Kerr, and fled to parts unknown.

As of late Wednesday, Jones, 51, remained a fugitive, wanted on an arrest order signed by a Hall County judge Feb. 12, three days before he fled.

Jones’ wife, Rene Kerr of Commerce, said she has started divorce proceedings against him, but believes he is innocent of the molestation charges.

"I just wanted him to do what he could to maintain his innocence," Kerr said this week. "But I think he’s just trying to spend time with his daughter, because he’s worried he won’t have much more time to spend with her."

Kerr does not think Jones would intentionally harm their daughter, but says the girl needs medicine for allergies and a possible ear infection.

She’s also concerned about a possible confrontation between her husband and law enforcement.

"When they arrest him, they will have guns," she said. "Obviously, he’s not acting rational, so I worry about the decisions he might make."

Rene Kerr says she has "no idea" where Jones may be, but believes he has the money to sustain himself and his daughter on the road at least temporarily.

"But it will run out," she said. "It doesn’t last forever."

Hall County District Attorney Lee Darragh said Jones is being sought "actively" by several law enforcement agencies, without specifying.

According to court documents, Jones was arrested Dec. 15 by Gainesville police who investigated complaints that he fondled three 9-year-old girls and an 8-year-old girl in his classroom at the school on McEver Road.

Jones, who worked at the school for a year, resigned four days before his arrest after being confronted with allegations from co-workers.

On Jan. 7, after hearing an attorney for Jones argue for bond in the case, Senior Superior Court Judge John Girardeau set bond at $40,000, with several conditions. Under the conditions, Jones was confined to his sister’s home in Cumming and could only venture out if accompanied by his sister. Jones was allowed contact with his daughter, provided it was supervised by his wife or sister, according to the bond order.

On Feb. 8, Hall County prosecutors sought to have the judge revoke Jones’ bond, alleging that he had violated the order by being at the home of his wife and child in Commerce on Feb. 1 without being accompanied by his sister. On Feb. 12, Girardeau issued an order to have Jones arrested.

Hall County Sheriff’s Maj. Jeff Strickland said the office’s warrants division got the order on Feb. 13. The office asked Forsyth County sheriff’s officials to carry out the arrest because Jones was thought to be living in their jurisdiction.

It is unclear why authorities first went to the home of Jones’ wife in Jackson County, where they attempted to serve an arrest warrant at about 1:30 a.m. Feb. 15, only to discover he was not there. Earlier, on the afternoon of Feb. 14, Rene Kerr met with Jones and his sister at a Toys ‘R Us in Buford to drop their daughter off for a supervised visit, she said.

Kerr called her husband shortly after sheriff’s deputies left her house to let him know he was wanted, she said.

"He asked if he could call me back," she said.

The next call Kerr received was from Jones’ sister, at 4 a.m., asking if she knew where he was.

Kerr said she has not heard from her husband, and does not think he is with either of his two adult sons — one lives in Colorado, the other in Alabama — or another sister.

Jones, who is 5 feet, 8 inches and 155 pounds, was last seen driving a white 1996 Ford Taurus with "Pro-Life" bumper stickers and bearing Georgia wildlife tag BW6 B02.

His wife says if he doesn’t want to stop running, he should at least leave their daughter in a safe place, whether it be a church or a hospital.

Unfortunately, she thinks that right now, "the whole point of his life is her."

Tom Gellatly - Indicted for Child Porn

A McMillan Magnet Center teacher and an ex-coach have been indicted on child pornography charges by a federal grand jury.

Tom Gellatly, 61, is charged with receiving and distributing child pornography and possessing child pornography, according to the U.S. Attorney's Office.

The criminal complaint filed Feb. 14 against Gellatly indicated investigators found dozens of images, including video, of what appeared to be prepubescent boys on his home computer.

Until his arrest, Gellatly coached the boys swim team and taught social studies, speech and drama at McMillan. He previously taught at Blessed Sacrament Catholic School.

The Omaha school district is in the process of firing Gellatly.

Craig Crowell, 52, is charged with receipt and distribution of child pornography. Investigators say they found several possibly illegal images on Crowell's computer.

Crowell served as an umpire for the Elkhorn Baseball Association, has coached youth hockey in the Omaha Metropolitan Amateur Hockey Association and has coached in the Bantam House League.

Victor Hanson - Guilty Child Porn

An Augusta man faces a minimum of five years in federal prison for having images of child pornography on his home computer.

Victor Hanson, 65, pleaded guilty Thursday in U.S. District Court in Portland to transportation of child pornography and possession of child pornography. The transportation charge carries a maximum term of 20 years in prison and a $250,000 fine.

A sentencing hearing will be held this summer, according to Hanson's attorney, Walter McKee.

"Victor has accepted responsibility for possessing these illegal images," McKee said. "He knows that he committed the crime and is prepared to start doing his time."

Hanson was taken into custody by U.S. marshals after Thursday's hearing before U.S. District Judge D. Brock Hornby.

Hanson was charged as a result of an undercover Wyoming Division of Criminal Investigation that began in 2003, which was described in a court document by Craig M. Wolff, assistant U.S. attorney.

A Wyoming agent "received a child pornography image depicting a known child victim" from the computer address of NetZero member "oldfart 59," Wolff said, an address traced to Hanson.

On April 22, 2004, Detective Scot Bradeen of the Maine Computer Crimes Task Force seized computers from Hanson's Gage Street home.

At the time, Hanson admitted he was the only one using them.

Wolff wrote that the images, which depicted children engaged in sexually explicit conduct, were part of the "Sabban" series, a widely traded series of images that originated in Brazil. He said the images were "transported ... via the Internet prior to April 22, 2004."

McKee said Hanson had no prior criminal record.

Betty Adams -- 621-5631

Steve Arthur and Jennifer Thurman - Charged with Baby Raping

Arthur and his girlfriend, Jennifer Lynn Thurman of Reedley, had physically molested young children in the home and recorded their activities.

On Thursday, Porterville Police Detectives received information that Steven Patrick Arthur possibly possessed child pornography in his home.

A search warrant was served at Arthur’s house in the 800 block of W Sandra.

Detectives located numerous items, photographs and video of pornography involving young children.

Police say that further evidence revealed Arthur and his girlfriend, Jennifer Lynn Thurman of Reedley, had physically molested young children in the home and recorded their activities.

At least four young victims have been identified and the investigation is continuing. Both suspects are being held at the Tulare County Jail without bail.

David B. Shanks - Teacher - Caught with Child Porn and picking up minors on the internet

A sixth-grade teacher's computer contained child pornography, according to Warrensburg, Mo., police who seized it.

Police took David B. Shanks, 31, into custody on Thursday at his Warrensburg apartment.

Shanks taught students in Holden.

Prosecutors accused him of enticement of a child and promoting child pornography.

His arrest stemmed from an Internet investigation conducted by an undercover Kirksville, Mo., police officer who posed as a 13-year-old boy.

Shanks, who police said also had a Web cam, was being held in Johnson County, Mo., on a $250,000 bond.

Robert Tate - What he did was unspeakable

"I've struggled all my life with sexual attraction to young boys"

Prosecutors also contend that Tate had sexually abused children at home and abroad since the 1970s. Authorities said Tate picked up boy prostitutes in New York and brought them back to his apartment at the church for sexual contact and traveled to Thailand to have sex with boys. He was not charged with those crimes.

The former music director at a prominent Greenwich church was sentenced Thursday to 5½ years in federal prison for possessing child pornography.

Robert Tate, 66, must also pay a $50,000 fine and participate in sex offender treatment.

He pleaded guilty in January 2007 to possessing child pornography and then spent several weeks at long-term treatment centers for sexually deviant behavior.

"I've struggled all my life with sexual attraction to young boys," Tate said during his sentencing hearing in U.S. District Court in Bridgeport. "I was abused myself, but that is no excuse for what I did. I'm deeply ashamed of it."

Tate was choir director for 34 years at Christ Church, creating a music program that gained an international reputation. Former President George H.W. Bush attended the church while growing up and funeral services for his parents were held there.

U.S. District Judge Alan Nevas condemned Tate's conduct but said he would have faced a much longer sentence had he not agreed to treatment and been forthcoming about his misconduct.

"What you did was unspeakable. It was horrendous," Nevas said, adding that Tate victimized children every time he looked at a graphic image.

Prosecutors also contend that Tate had sexually abused children at home and abroad since the 1970s. Authorities said Tate picked up boy prostitutes in New York and brought them back to his apartment at the church for sexual contact and traveled to Thailand to have sex with boys. He was not charged with those crimes.

Tate's case also led to the conviction of a former attorney for the church for destroying Tate's laptop computer containing child pornography. The attorney, Philip Russell, was sentenced to six months of home confinement.

Russell's attorneys have said Russell's wife and daughter attended the church, which had been very helpful to his wife when she was ill, and Russell wanted to avoid a church scandal. Prosecutors said neither Russell nor the church knew about allegations that Tate was sexually abusing children.

Stanley Martin Saint-Clair - Repeat Sex Offender

Sarah Tofte of the Human Rights Watch says 25% of all sex offenders
re-offend within 15 years

A Bladensburg man was sentenced to 100 years behind bars Wednesday after being found guilty of molesting a 13-year-old girl over two years while he was on probation for previous sex offenses.

Prosecutors said Stanley Martin Saint-Clair, 62, had served time for molesting an 8-year-old boy and a 9-year-old girl and was on probation when he met cash-strapped Nicole Thompson of Forestville, the mother of the girl he most recently molested.

The 13-year-old victim — she was 9 when Saint-Clair first molested her — testified not long before jurors convicted Saint-Clair of multiple rape and assault charges after less than an hour’s deliberation, according to Prince George’s County Assistant State’s Attorney Donine Carrington.

Prince George’s Circuit Judge Michael P. Whalen sentenced Saint-Clair in front of the jury.

Saint-Clair gave Thompson money, and the two often stayed the night in either her home or his, Carrington said. Thompson had her suspicions that Saint-Clair was molesting her daughter, Carrington said, but Thompson wasn’t certain until she found her daughter naked and asleep in Saint-Clair’s bedroom in late May.

Thompson told police, according to court documents, that she made her discovery while searching for her daughter after learning she might be sexually involved with Saint-Clair. She alerted police right away. According to court documents, Saint-Clair first raped the girl in July 2005 while she was in his care, an act he repeated multiple times through May.

Saint-Clair’s criminal history, Carrington said, suggests an affinity for children around the age of 9, and that he used the opportunity presented through his relationship with Thompson to cultivate his relationship with her daughter.

“It’s just nasty,” Carrington said.

Brian Wilcox - Child Porn Production - Receives 45 years in prison

Brian Wilcox, charged with photographing and creating pornographic images of a child relative, was sentenced Wednesday to 45 years in prison, a Department of Justice release states.

On Oct. 10, Wilcox pled guilty to production, possession and transportation of child pornography.

Hillsborough County deputies received a report in February 2007 from the National Center for Missing and Exploited Children, which got information from Photobucket, a Web site. The site allows users to upload photographs they can view and show others.

The site found that the Tampa man had posted child pornography, a Department of Justice release states. A search warrant led to the seizure of computer equipment containing child pornography.

"Wilcox admitted that he had used a digital camera to take the child pornography images," the release states.

A forensic examination shows Wilcox had about 120 images of child pornography, including graphic images involving a child as young as 5, according to the release.

While behind bars, Wilcox said he has a vast array of medical issues and requested medical attention for his flatulence, groin numbness and tooth decay. That was request was granted.

The sheriff's office and the FBI investigated the child pornography case, which was prosecuted by Assistant U.S. Attorney Amanda C. Kaiser.

Jeffrey Davis - Convicted of Child Porn must Forfeit his house Judge Lynn orders

A 51-year-old Dallas man whom authorities found with more than 600 images of child pornography stored on computer disks in his home was sentenced to 10 years in federal prison.

In a rare move, U.S. District Judge Barbara Lynn also on Friday ordered that Jeffrey Davis forfeit his house in the 2000 block of Williams Way near Buckner Boulevard and Ferguson Road in Far East Dallas because authorities argued it was used to commit the crime.

Judge Lynn also ordered that Mr. Davis be on supervised release for 20 years after he gets out of prison. Mr. Davis pleaded guilty in October.

He told authorities that he purchased the illegal images from child porn Web sites using his credit card.

In 2000, Mr. Davis was convicted of possession of child pornography and sentenced to 15 months in prison, plus three years of supervised release.

Judge Ernest B. Murphy - Disgraceful Scumbag Judge overruled by Supreme Court after letting child molester go free


The Supreme Judicial Court has reversed a decision by Judge Ernest B. Murphy, who found an accused child molester not guilty after the alleged young victim went to the wrong courtroom and waited there for several hours, missing the start of the trial.

The SJC ruled Murphy “improperly entered” the not guilty finding last March before evidence and opening statements were presented.

Worcester District Attorney Joseph D. Early Jr. successfully argued Murphy “abused his discretion” and “committed errors of law” in setting the alleged child abuser free, according to court papers.

“The district attorney felt this case should have been heard and disagreed with the judge’s decision and the SJC agreed, so we will try the case,” Tim Connolly, spokesman for Early, told the Herald yesterday.

Murphy faces misconduct charges before the Commission on Judicial Conduct for sending letters on judicial stationery to Herald Publisher Patrick J. Purcell after winning a 2005 libel verdict against the paper following a series of critical stories.

The commission has until early April to rule on a hearing examiner’s recommendations that Murphy be publicly reprimanded for sending the “threatening” letters. Murphy is still out on “accrued time” from his $129,694-a-year post, according to court officials.

Murphy’s attorney Michael E. Mone said yesterday, “Lots of judges get overturned all the time.” He declined to comment further.

The SJC added that in ordering a new trial for the accused, Steven Lucero, there will be no “double jeopardy” because “no evidence had been presented.”

Webster police told the Herald yesterday Lucero was first charged with four counts of indecent assault and battery on a child under 14 in April of 2004.

The victim took last March 12 off from school to testify against Lucero, according to Early, and reported to Probate Court at 8:30 a.m. “waiting to be called” only to discover hours later that she had reported to the wrong courtroom.

According to the commonwealth’s brief, Murphy told prosecutors seeking a delay that day: “No, no. Counsel with all due respect, this case was on for trial at 10 o’clock in the morning and she did not appear.”

Sheila Marie Sikat - Pedophile Apologist & Assistant Child Molester - Whines and Pleads for Mercy

With tears streaming down her cheeks, Sheila Marie Sikat turned to search the sea of faces in a crowded Santa Ana courtroom Friday.

"I'm sorry," she whispered to a sister, locking eyes as they both wept.

Sikat's soft-spoken apology set the tone for a highly emotional hearing to determine how much time she should spend in prison for repeatedly molesting a 4-year-old niece with her husband in a case that unfolded after a trunk full of homemade child porn movies were discovered in the couple's home.

In an unexpected twist, Sikat's sister was among several family members who asked the judge to show mercy, while jurors from Sikat's trial -- at the request of prosecutors -- agreed to give the little girl a voice because no one else would.

"I still see it at night when I go to bed," said Randy Styner, recalling one moment in a four-hour videotape that shows the girl waking up after being attacked by Sikat's husband. "I saw her get up and start to scream. . . . I saw someone so alone. . . . Sheila had the opportunity to defend that child. She didn't."

At the end of the hearing, Sikat agreed, taking responsibility for her role and saying she deserved to pay the consequences.

Judge Gary S. Paer indicated at the outset of the proceedings that he believed the crimes deserved serious punishment but put off a final decision until March 6. Sikat's husband, David S. Hwang, is serving 50 years to life after pleading guilty in October 2006. Prosecutors are advocating a 60-year term for Sikat.

Sikat and Hwang were arrested in 2003 after a housekeeper discovered some of the videotapes while the Rancho Santa Margarita couple were honeymooning. Investigators found a locked wooden trunk they dubbed a "little chest of horrors" in the couple's bedroom closet; it contained 212 videotapes.

The tapes show Hwang molesting girls, some with Sikat in Orange County, others in earlier years with a former girlfriend. Sikat's niece is seen in four of the tapes. She was molested five times at the couple's home in early 2001, producing the four-hour tape that became the primary piece of evidence against the couple.

During Sikat's three-week trial late last year, the defense argued that Hwang drugged his wife without her knowledge before the abuse took place.

Prosecutors said the couple told the girl's parents they wanted to baby-sit to practice their parenting skills. Once in their custody, the girl was given a glass of dark-colored "medicine" that knocked her unconscious.

Sikat never directly touched her niece, but was touching Hwang while he molested the girl, prosecutors said. She also helped to drug the girl, they said.

On Friday, Styner and three fellow jurors -- two women and another man -- said they did not consider Sikat a monster, but faulted her for not doing anything to protect her niece from such horrible acts. All of them talked about how haunted they are by the tape.

One of the jurors said she was so traumatized that she cannot give her own 11-month-old daughter a bath or change her diaper. Another questioned what more might have happened, not only to the niece but other children, had a tipster not alerted authorities.

Among Sikat's biggest supporters was the victim's mother.

She said she was angry at first but has since forgiven Sikat, whom she described as a good person who was manipulated by Hwang. She said her daughter is doing fine and doesn't remember the ordeal.

The judge interrupted, asking the sister if she had seen the video.

When she said she had not and didn't want to, Paer told her he thought she was in denial and "trying to avoid reality." He reminded her that Sikat was not a bystander, but in the room when bad things happened.

He guaranteed that the sister would have a much different view if she ever found the courage to watch the tape.

"I'd bet money on it," he said. "You see that tape, and that would be the last time you spoke to her."

Another sister followed, echoing what other family members said.

Deputy Dist Atty. Beth Carmichael said she was shocked that the defense let the second sister speak in court because investigators had seen tapes of her when she was younger, being victimized by Sikat and Hwang.

Sikat, who wept throughout the hourlong hearing, was shaking with sobs as she apologized to just about everyone involved in the case. She took complete responsibility for her role and told her family she did not deserve their support and kind words, nor mercy from the judge.

"I'm not going to make excuses. I failed to protect my niece and a lot of people," she said. "I hurt everybody . . . . "I'm taking full responsibility. . . . I do deserve to go to prison because I failed to protect my niece. . . . I'm not a victim. I had my choices," she said. "I was weak."

WANTED - John Cannada Sr - molested 8 year old

"25% of all sex offenders re-offend within 15 years"
..... Sarah Tofte

News 5 viewers helped track down a wanted sex offenders earlier this week, and police asked for your help again.

John Cannada Sr. was convicted of inappropriately touching an 8-year-old child, but authorities said he has failed to keep up with his court-mandated registration and has eluded capture.

“He actually did not give us a next of kin, so we have nothing on him,” said Adam Breeze of the Hamilton County Sheriff’s department.

Authorities said they hope to capture Cannada before he strikes again.

Children who are victimized by sex offenders are exposed to physical harm, sexually transmitted disease and pregnancy, authorities said.

“But then we've also got the ones that are less obvious: mental health problems, lack of trust and anger issues,” said Warren County Prosecutor Rachel Hutzel.

“Depression, depression can set in, suicide, drug abuse,” Breeze said.

He added that, unless they’re treated, some young victims can repeat the pattern by becoming sex offenders themselves.

That’s why he’s so anxious to take Cannada back into police custody.

“If you see him, contact us and we'll go out and pick him up,” Breeze said.

If you see Cannada, call Crimestoppers at 513-352-3040.

WANTED - Timothy O'Neal - Child Molester

Police are searching for a man wanted on five child molestation charges.

Timothy O'Neal, 41, of Sandy Bluff Court, faces two charges of first-degree sexual offense and three charges of taking indecent liberties with a minor.

The victims were two female juveniles, police said.

O'Neal might be driving an older model, green Chevrolet Camaro with a loud muffler.

Anyone with information on O’Neal’s whereabouts is asked to call Investigator V.O. Harris at 919-560-4440, ext. 238 or Crime Stoppers at 919-683-1200.

Crime Stoppers pays cash rewards for information leading to arrests in felony cases, and callers never have to identify themselves.

Guy Jones - Repeat Sex Offender

Jones is currently awaiting trial for assault, unlawful contact with a minor, and child endangerment stemming from an incident at his home in February of last year.

"25% of all sex offenders re-offend within 15 years"
..... Sarah Tofte

A convicted child molester working as a pastor at a Pottstown YWCA is facing charges for failing to register under Megan's Law, authorities said.

Guy Jones, 42, is a convicted child molester who was working as a pastor after serving time in prison.

Investigators said Jones is facing charges after failing to register under Megan's Law.

According to police, Jones worked as a pastor of the City of Refuge Baptist Church, which rented space at the Pottstown YWCA.

"This is a situation where someone gave us information and we followed up on it, and someone in the community knew what he was doing and knew it was something about his background, they provided information and police were able to follow up on it," Montgomery County District Attorney Risa Vetri Ferman said.

Jones is currently awaiting trial for assault, unlawful contact with a minor, and child endangerment stemming from an incident at his home in February of last year.

The YWCA said it plans to review its procedures for renting space.

Aaron Basham - Convicted Child MOlester - Repeat Sex Offender

According to the Indiana Sex Offender Registry, Basham was released from prison in 2000 following a 1997 conviction on a child molesting charge.

"25% of all sex offenders re-offend within 15 years"
..... Sarah Tofte

A 40-year-old Jeffersonville man who is a registered sex offender was arrested today and charged with child solicitation, Indiana State Police said.

Aaron Basham sent an explicit picture to an undercover agent posing as a 13-year-old girl on the Internet after the two chatted online about sex, police said. Basham was charged with five counts of child solicitation and one count of obscene performance.

Basham is in the Clark County Jail awaiting a court appearance.

According to the Indiana Sex Offender Registry, Basham was released from prison in 2000 following a 1997 conviction on a child molesting charge.