Tuesday, January 8, 2008

Harvest man arrested for child molestation

A Harvest man is arrested today after California deputies say he molested a female relative dozens of times.

Riverside County District Attorney's Office is handling the case. They confirm this man sexually molested and raped a female 82 times. 47-year-old Victor Ung was arrested this morning.

He's now in the Huntsville Madison County Metro jail awaiting extradition. Huntsville police say the crimes were committed against a female relative, but the Riverside County District Attorney's Office could not confirm that.

We do know the warrant for his arrest was issued on December 28th. The Riverside County Sheriff's Department in California tipped off Huntsville Police. They have now charged him as a fugitive from justice. Ung has lived in the Huntsville area for the last 4 years. He currently lives in Harvest in this home on Blue Creek Drive. Police tell us he works as a computer engineer for a major defense contractor in Huntsville.

The Riverside County District Attorney's Office tells us Ung is charged with 52 counts of child molestation and 29 counts of sex by force, or rape. Ung is currently in the Madison County jail on a $1million bond. He has to be processed here in Alabama, then will be extradited to California.

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