Friday, November 20, 2009

Charles W.A. Burks - Repeat Sex Offender - 10 years later

Endicott Police arrested a Level 2 registered sex offender, 38 year old Charles W.A. Burks for Sex Abuse in the second degree, a class A misdemeanor and Endangering the Welfare of a Child, also a class A misdemeanor. Burks is accused of subjecting a 12 year old female to sexual contact.

The victim was an acquaintance of Burks’ at the time of the incident. Burks was originally placed on the New York Sex Offender Registry for a 1998 conviction for Rape in the Third degree involving a 15 year old female.

"25% of all sex offenders re-offend within 15 years"
.........Sarah Tofte

Ricky Reinhardt - Repeat Sex Offender - Caught by DNA in ANOTHER case

Reinhardt was first convicted of Aggravated Sexual Battery in 1981 in Florida, when he was just 18.

He was convicted of another sexual assault in Nashville in 2005.

The sexual assault took place in the St. Regis community in Louisville's East end in January 2008.

The Jefferson County Grand Jury indicted Ricky Reinhardt on the charges Tuesday.

Investigators say technology helped connect a suspect who wasn’t even remotely on their radar, and who lived in a different state.

Now neighbors in this quiet neighborhood are relieved that they no longer have to live in fear of an attacker.

On the night of January 8th, 2008, things changed drastically in this dead end neighborhood.

That's when police say a rapist broke into a single woman's home.

“He entered through a doggy door.,” said Sgt. Andy Abbott of the LMPD Sex Crimes Squad.

The suspect then allegedly hid until the woman went to sleep, that's when she says he attacked her, armed with a gun, knife and taser.

“He had a ski mask on, actually indicated that he was a police officer, and had a badge. He proceeded to sexually assault her,” said Abbott.

For weeks, investigators had few clues. The victim bought an alarm, put her house on the market, and took a job out of town.

“From time to time, we wondered if this person had been caught,” said a neighbor. “And why here? Why did he pick here?”

“It's scary knowing that it could have been me,” said another neighbor. “It could have been any of us along this block.”
Then investigators got a break.The suspect's DNA matched that of 46-year-old Ricky Reinhardt, a registered sex offender who lived in Clarksville, Indiana when the rape occurred.

Rhinehardt is currently incarcerated in Tennessee for an attempted rape and robbery that happened three weeks after the Louisville crimes.
During that incident, he allegedly cut off the victim's clothes and stole 13 live snakes from a pet store.

We spoke to some of his former neighbors.

“If he was sitting there, I was afraid to come out,” said Juanita Benson, who lived at the same apartment complex as Rhinehardt. She said she felt like, “at any time he could attack me.”

Her granddaughters say Reinhardt even allegedly circled the parking lot and offered money to girls.

“He's creepy. Why do you want to follow two little teenagers around in a car and give them money?” said Autumn Morris.
We also discovered Reinhardt was first convicted of Aggravated Sexual Battery in 1981 in Florida, when he was just 18.

He was convicted of another sexual assault in Nashville in 2005.
Reinhardt pleaded guilty in April to the most recent Tennessee charges and was sentenced to 25 years in prison with no chance of parole.

"25% of all sex offenders re-offend within 15 years"
.........Sarah Tofte

David John Vernon - Repeat Sex Offender - Gets 10 years

  • Conviction Date: 2/1/1990 - Indecent liberties
  • Conviction Date: 1/25/1995 - Rape of a child in the second degree
  • Conviction Date: 10/16/2003 - Voyeurism

A Mossyrock man was sentenced to 10 years in jail after he was found guilty of two counts of voyeurism in September.

David John Vernon, 41, a convicted level three sex offender, installed viewing holes inside an outhouse at the Mossyrock Dam and watched women using the bathroom inside, according to court documents.
The fact that he was already a sex offender landed him an exceptional sentence of 60 months for each count, which Lewis County Superior Court Judge Nelson Hunt granted Wednesday.
Lewis County Prosecutor Michael Golden said it’s not the first time Vernon has been a criminal voyeur. In 2003, Vernon pleaded guilty to a count of voyeurism after he used a mirror to look up women’s skirts in Centralia and Chehalis, Golden said.

“The allegation was that he would get an excuse to bend down, and used a mirror in his wallet to look up skirts,” Golden said.

He’s been convicted of similar crimes in Lewis County dating back to 1988: multiple counts of indecent liberties, four counts of public indecency, second-degree rape, indecent exposure and failure to register as a sex offender.

"25% of all sex offenders re-offend within 15 years"
.........Sarah Tofte

David Knutsen - Repeat Sex Offender - Claims HE is the TRUE victim

David Knutsen is the victim of an overly broad law, and an indictment charging him with sexual abuse of a vulnerable adult patient at St. Luke's Canyon View Behavioral Health should be dismissed, according to his lawyer.

Judge G. Richard Bevan heard three motions from Knutsen's attorney, Mike Wood, on Thursday in Twin Falls.

Wood wants Bevan to dismiss the indictment against Knutsen, suppress testimony in the case and deem the charges against him unconstitutional.

After a three-hour hearing Thursday on Wood's motions, Bevan said he would write a decision "in due course."
Meanwhile, the 29-year-old Knutsen, a convicted sex offender, faces trial on Jan. 30, 2010. He was indicted March 25 for four counts of sexual abuse of a vulnerable adult following the alleged incidents of abuse on Jan. 30, 2009, at Canyon View in Twin Falls. As a patient, Knutsen allegedly abused the then-21-year-old female patient, who is described in court records as developmentally delayed.
"This is an ambiguous statute," said Wood. "Even with a law degree, good luck reading it ... This is a catch-all statute."
Wood argued Thursday that the statute prohibiting sexual abuse of vulnerable adults restricts an adult's right to engage in sexual activity. Adults are responsible for their own sexuality, said Wood, "not the state of Idaho."
But the Twin Falls County prosecutor on the case, Suzanne Craig, disagreed saying the felony statute is fair and protects people.
"The state may limit sexual activity," said Craig, adding it protects people "who legitimately need to be protected. ... Children need to be protected and so do people with limited mental capacity."
But Wood said the law isn't clear enough on defining who is a vulnerable adult.

"Is (the victim) a vulnerable adult?" he asked. "You can't tell who you should stay away from."

Wood said that Knutsen has "very clear and long-term cognitive disorders."

The grand jury that indicted Knutsen was also called into question on Thursday. Wood claims it exceeded its term by 11 to 13 days.

"25% of all sex offenders re-offend within 15 years"
.........Sarah Tofte

Thursday, November 19, 2009

Michael W. VanNess - Repeat Sex Offender - Didn't "Intend" to get caught

VanNess was convicted in 2006 for sexually abusing a 6-year-old girl in North Carolina.

QUEENSBURY -- The registered sex offender who is accused of climbing through the bedroom window of a young girl plans to argue at trial that he did not intend to commit a crime when he went to the home.

Michael W. VanNess, 26, of Glens Falls, faces felony counts of second-degree burglary and disseminating indecent material to a minor in connection with allegations related to the allegedly burglary last summer.

Last week, a Warren County grand jury added three felony charges accusing him of possession of a sexual performance by a child. Those counts were filed after a State Police examination of a computer he used yielded child pornography, according to court records.

Trial in the case has been scheduled to begin Dec. 7 in Warren County Court.
VanNess was arrested early on the morning of July 11, after an Aviation Road, Queensbury, man allegedly caught him climbing through his 14-year-old daughter's bedroom.

He has also been accused of sending the girl a digital picture of his genitalia through a cell phone before the incident at her home. A misdemeanor charge of endangering the welfare of a child pertains to his alleged effort to lure a 15-year-old girl to a bar parking lot late on the night of July 8.
The weightiest charge VanNess faces is the burglary count. That crime requires proof that a person entered a home with the intent to commit a crime.

VanNess told police that he went to the girl's home at her request because she told him she had written notes for him. He told police he had left notes for her inside her window two nights earlier.

VanNess' lawyer, Warren County Public Defender John Wappett, said the defense plans to argue that VanNess did not intend to commit a crime when he went to the home, and he questioned whether VanNess went in the home at all.

"We don't think he entered the place to begin with," Wappett said.

Any part of a person's body entering a building constitutes entry of the building. A local man was convicted of second-degree burglary in 2003 after a Queensbury homeowner saw just his head poking through a basement window.

VanNess has rejected a plea deal that would require he serve 12 years in state prison.
He could face up to 15 years on the burglary count, and up to 4 years each on the disseminating indecent material and child pornography counts.
VanNess is a Level 1 sex offender because of a 2006 conviction for sexually abusing a 6-year-old girl in North Carolina. He is due in court Friday for pretrial hearings.

"25% of all sex offenders re-offend within 15 years"
.........Sarah Tofte

Tuesday, November 17, 2009

David Wayne Phillips - Repeat Sex Offender - Must serve full 25 year sentence

A sex offender is headed back to prison for victimizing children.

David Wayne Phillips has pleaded guilty in Bedford County to multiple counts of rape of a child, sexual battery and violation of the sex offender registry.

Phillips, a truck driver, admitted to taking at least three children for rides in his rig and then abusing them.

He has prior convictions for sexual battery and will have to serve his entire 25-year sentence for the latest charges.

"25% of all sex offenders re-offend within 15 years"
.........Sarah Tofte

Edward Boyle - Repeat Sex Offender - 3 time rapist being released

MIDDLETOWN, Conn. -- Edward Boyle, a convicted felon, will soon be released from from his latest stint.The sister of a woman who died at his hand is shocked he’ll be once again be out in the community.

Bev Canfield said, “By being released, he has his life, my sister doesn’t. I haven’t had her in my life for 29 years.”

Canfield has been dreading the day her sister’s killer, repeat rapist Edward Boyle Jr., is released from prison. She fears for the safety of every woman in Connecticut.

During Memorial Day weekend in 1980, Canfield’s 20-year-old sister Louisa Marie Scott was found strangled to death on the banks of the Skungamaug River in Coventry.

Canfield said, “She fought him from raping her and he strangled her and threw her body in the river like she was nothing.”
Three years later, when Boyle was in prison for rape, he confessed to killing Scott, but there was no trial because of the lack of evidence.

In 1999, Boyle completed his sentence and was released. Scott’s family fought it hard.

Canfield said, “We just knew it was going to happen again.”

And it did.
Several years later, he was back in prison for sexually assaulting a minor. Canfield heard Boyle had befriended the young girl’s family when he moved into their Groton neighborhood.

The judge sentenced him to five years followed by a special parole, which means he will live in a halfway house in Middletown, be supervised, wear a GPS device and undergo sex offender treatment.

Canfield said, “I don’t think it will work because he said he could control his urges through deep breathing. Clearly, it didn’t work. There’s a pattern there, there’s a clear pattern and I don’t think anyone who does this can be rehabilitated.”

See Video

"25% of all sex offenders re-offend within 15 years"
.........Sarah Tofte

Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Mark A. Hoffman - 50 years for Production of Child Pornography - Wife not yet sentenced

Mark A. Hoffman, 35, of Portland pleaded guilty to using his own children, a two-year old and a 10-year old, in the production of child pornography.

The father of three sold the photos around the country in a nationwide pedophile ring. His wife Kathrine Hoffman faces separate state charges for tampering with evidence.

Police say his wife, Katherine Dawn Hoffman, 33, learned of the abuse by 2005. In state court, she was indicted on charges of hindering prosecution, tampering with evidence, four counts of first-degree criminal mistreatment and second-degree encouraging child sex abuse.

The two counts of production of child pornography carry a sentence of 50 years in prison. He will serve a lifetime of supervision if he is ever released, according to the FBI and U.S. District Judge Robert E. Jones.

Judge Jones stated this was one of the worst cases he had seen in his 47 years in practice.

“It is appalling that this father would steal the innocence of his own children,” stated Acting United States Attorney Kent Robinson. “Because of the determined collaborative efforts of law enforcement, this parent has been brought to justice for his crimes.”

The federal investigation began in 2006 when an undercover online police officer, working with the North Carolina State Bureau of Investigation, received child pornography videos from a Florida man.

The videos depicted the sexual molestation of that man’s 5-year-old daughter. After his arrest, the man provided agents with information that led them down a trail of fathers and guardians across the country who were sexually abusing minor children in their care.

Eventually, information was provided to authorities about Hoffman and his then 2- and 10-year-old daughters. Images sent by Hoffman to other fathers included pictures and videos of Hoffman’s minor daughters engaged in sexual conduct with Hoffman.

Jeffrey Hawkins - Repeat Sex Offender - People thought he was a Bush Pee'er

"There were rumors that he had been caught urinating in public"

"If I knew back then what I know now," John Lastocy says that about his former co-worker, Jeffrey Hawkins. Lastocy says he was in the dark, and he once supervised the former Plainfield Township firefighters. Hawkins was on the sex offender registry and is now accused of targeting children again.

Jeffrey Hawkins was fired this week from his job as Plainfield Township's Deputy Clerk and as a Plainfield Township Firefighter.

Hawkins is charged with soliciting a 15 year old on Facebook.

John Lastocy was a firefighter in Plainfield Township for 30 years, until he was let go 3 years ago. Lastocy was Jeffrey Hawkins' supervisor. He says, "He was a good firefighter. He was one of the better firefighters we had."

Lastocy says he heard Hawkins might be on the sex offender registry. But, he says, "There were rumors that he had been caught urinating in public. But that was just a rumor. The department never officially told us anything. Never came to us, never came to me as a lieutenant."

So, when Lastocy learned Hawkins plead guilty in 1997 to sexual contact with a 12 year old relative, he was upset. Lastocy says, "I'm a parent, I'm devastated. I don't believe the fire department should have hid that from us. I had teenaged kids at the time. Other firefighters had kids. It's my responsibility as a parent to protect my children. But I wasn't given that opportunity."

Plainfield Township Fire Chief David Peterson says he doesn't know for sure if Lastocy knew of Hawkins' criminal history. But the command staff at the time of the offense was involved in the decision to keep him on.

Peterson says the department would not hire someone with a criminal background, but Hawkins was already on staff. He says the department intentionally did not send Hawkins to schools and tried to minimize his contact with children.

Tom Cottrell is the Vice President of Counseling Services at the YWCA and works with sex offenders. He says, "It isn't necessarily a lifelong process of therapy. It is a lifelong process of being vigilant. No one is ever cured. It's an ongoing awareness of the choices they make."

Cottrell says statistics show only 5 percent of offenders sent to prison for a sex offense re-offend within three years. He says that's much lower than the 60 to 70 percent rate for other types of crimes. But, Cottrell says sexual offenses are also an under-reported crime, so it's hard to judge the accuracy of those recidivism rates.

"25% of all sex offenders re-offend within 15 years"
.........Sarah Tofte

Deverick Lockett - Repeat Sex Offender - Convicted by DNA match

A registered sex offender has been convicted of multiple counts of kidnapping and rape in violent attacks on women in Sacramento and Sonoma counties in 2007, officials said.

Deverick Lockett was found guilty Tuesday in Sacramento County Superior Court, according to a statement by the Sacramento County District Attorney's Office. He faces a possible punishment of 94 years to life in prison at sentencing Dec. 8.

Lockett was convicted of attacking a 22-year-old woman who stopped at a Rohnert Park gas station around 1 a.m. Sept. 20, 2007. She was attacked from behind as she got into her car, beaten unconscious and carried to a trash bin area, where she was raped. She suffered six facial fractures in the attack, the statement said.

Three days later, a Carmichael woman returning to her apartment after working a graveyard shift was attacked in the parking lot, beaten and carried to a laundry room. A neighbor who saw the abduction came to her rescue, but she suffered injuries requiring 50 stitches in her face, officials said.

A shirt that was caught on a fence as the attacker fled provided DNA matching the Sept. 23, 2007, attack to Lockett, who is a registered sex offender, the DA's statement said. During his prosecution for the Carmichael crime, a hit from a national DNA database of criminals also matched Lockett's DNA to the Rohnert Park attack, the statement said.

"25% of all sex offenders re-offend within 15 years"
.........Sarah Tofte

Brad R. Means - Repeat Sex Offender - Charged with Sexual Battery

Parma Police detectives have arrested registered sex offender Brad R. Means, 30, of Cleveland, on sexual battery charges. He allegedly pressured a 16-year-old old employee he supervised at a KFC restaurant into having sex with him.

Parma Police Det. Marty Compton said Means, who lives on 146th Street, was arrested on a Cuyahoga County warrant after being indicted on charges of sexual battery.

Compton said Means was originally indicted on Oct. 7 and the warrant was issued Oct. 23 when he failed to appear for an arraignment.
The indictment and subsequent arrest are the culmination of an investigation conducted by detectives after it was learned that Means had used his position as a supervisor to pressure the teenage employee into having sex with him while both were employed at a local KFC Restaurant.
Means is currently being held in the Parma Jail and is scheduled to appear in Cuyahoga County Common Pleas Court.

Means was classified as a Sexually Oriented Offender based on a previous guilty plea and conviction to attempted unlawful conduct with a minor (age 14) in 2001.

"25% of all sex offenders re-offend within 15 years"
.........Sarah Tofte

Repeat Juvenile offender - The consequences of Wrist-Slapping

A teenager who kidnapped and raped a five-year-old boy, eight days after avoiding custody for another rape, has been detained for at least three years.
The 16-year-old pleaded guilty to charges including rape and child abduction against the boy.
Manchester's Minshull Street Crown Court heard the attack happened after he was given a community order for the rape of a boy, aged seven, in Tameside.

The first sentence, by Judge Adrian Smith, provoked a legal challenge.

On Wednesday, the attacker, who cannot be named, was given an indeterminate sentence for protection of the public after committing a second attack.

He must serve a minimum of three years before being considered for parole. Judge Peter Lakin told him:
"The offences you have committed are deeply disturbing and very serious.

"You are a devious and manipulative young man with an unhealthy and completely unacceptable sexual interest in young boys.

"It is likely you will not be released for some very considerable period of time."
The second rape case was heard at Minshull Street Crown Court. The judge said the attacker had lured the boy to his home and had "cynically" taken advantage of him. He said:
"You took away his innocence. What you did has had a devastating effect upon the boy and his family."
He added that it was "highly unusual" for a court to categorise a 16-year-old as a danger to the public but in this case it was merited.
"I have to say I have absolutely no hesitation whatsoever in reaching the conclusion that you are indeed a dangerous offender."
The boy was sentenced to three years and four months, but with time already spent in custody taken into consideration he will serve a minimum of two years and 359 days before he is assessed for parole.

Judge Larkin also revoked the community rehabilitation order passed by Judge Adrian Smith and resentenced him for the earlier rape offences against the seven-year-old. He was sentenced to three years and four months to run concurrently.

He was also banned from working with children and placed on the Sex Offenders Register.

When being sentenced for the first rape, Judge Smith is believed to have considered the victim's family, who forgave the youth because of their Christian beliefs. But the three-year community order sparked an appeal by the Crown Prosecution Service

"25% of all sex offenders re-offend within 15 years"
.........Sarah Tofte

Orange Dennis Tinker - Repeat Sex Offender - Charged with rape of 10 year old

A convicted sex offender has been accused of raping a 10-year-old girl.
He was convicted in 1998 of second-degree rape of a 12-year-old girl in 1984, according to the state's sex offender registry
Orange Dennis Tinker, 45, has been charged with first-degree rape. Tuscaloosa Police investigators arrested Tinker Monday on a warrant issued by a grand jury. He was in the Tuscaloosa County Jail on Tuesday with bail set at $100,000.

Tinker, who lives in the 7000 block of Wuthering Heights Lane in Duncanville, is accused of raping the girl on Aug. 10. .

"25% of all sex offenders re-offend within 15 years"
.........Sarah Tofte

Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Alejandro Martinez Singul - Repeat Sex Offender - Proves they ARE all the same no matter where they're from

The investigating judge has agreed to refer the case for the prosecution to present its indictment against the "second Example rapist" and for these acts, if found guilty, he could face several years in prison.

Barcelona. Convicted sex offender, Alejandro Martinez Singul charged with sexually assaulting a girl of 12.

Judicial sources reported, that the judge announced the indictment, against Alejandro Martinez Singul also known as the "second violator Example", who again has proclaimed his innocence and maintained that when the events occurred he was at his house, where he said he lives, confined by fear of harassment from the press. In his order, the judge argued that there is sufficient evidence to prosecute Singul on attempted sexual assault and robbery.

The investigating judge has agreed to refer the case for the prosecution to present its indictment against the "second Example rapist" and for these acts, if found guilty, he could face several years in prison.

Singul Martinez has been on remand since October when he was arrested on charges of having followed home a minor, less than twelve years, he entered with her in an elevator of a building, and demanded that she hand over valuables, and then tried to indecently assault her, but was disturbed by another person.

On entering her apartment he allegedly tried to rape her, Singul was provisionally released pending the decision was made final last June that he had been sentenced to nearly two years in prison for attempting to sexually assault, a month before, two women, he also followed them to their homes.

Previously sentenced in 1993 to 65 years in prison for ten sexual violations and four attempted rapes, Martinez Singul was released from prison in 2007 it was considered he had been rehabilitated after serving the maximum 16 year sentence that he was entitled under the old Penal Code. His release initiated a legal debate on measures to be taken against repeat rapists and murderers.

"25% of all sex offenders re-offend within 15 years"
.........Sarah Tofte

Monday, November 9, 2009

Robert Judy - Repeat Sex Offender - Violent Predator

A registered sex offender is back in jail in St. Johns County.

Police in St. Augustine said Robert Judy, 55, attacked a woman in the street and tried to force her to have sex.

Police said the victim told them Judy propositioned her while she was walking to her mother's house Sunday.

When she refused, police said Judy attacked the woman and tried to force himself on her.

The woman told police Judy ran off when a car drove by.

Judy faces both false imprisonment and battery charges. He's being held on $45,000 bond.

"25% of all sex offenders re-offend within 15 years"
.........Sarah Tofte

Douglas Ray Boehm - Repeat Sex Offender - Sexually assaults AND has Child Porn

Bond has been set at one-and-a-half million dollars for a man accused of sexually assaulting 3 young girls in Orange County.

Justice of the Peace Judge Janice Menard set the bond for Douglas Ray Boehm, 49 of Bridge City, late Sunday night.

A news release from the Orange County Sheriff’s Office says deputies began investigating Boehm after they received a complaint on November 2. An investigation led officers to determine that he abused the girls over a span of 4 years.
Boehm gave a full confession to detectives on Friday. Boehm, who is a registered sex offender, also admitted to being in possession of child pornography on his home computer. Detectives have seized Boehm’s computer and child pornography charges are pending a computer forensic examination.

"25% of all sex offenders re-offend within 15 years"
.........Sarah Tofte

Sunday, November 8, 2009

George Moreland - Repeat Sex Offender - Violent Predator

Investigators continue to collect more evidence in the case of a suspected serial sex offender. A search warrant was issued, and the home and truck of registered sex offender George Moreland has been combed through for evidence.

He's accused of picking up women on two separate occasions under the pretense of having them clean his home, but once he got them inside, he sexually assaulted the women.

Investigators are not saying if they recovered a knife Moreland allegedly used during the assaults.

Captain Gary Wedge of the Chula Vista Police Department says his office has information that an additional third woman may have been victimized under very similar circumstances. "We want her to feel comfortable to come forward."

Wedge says they believe she may be in Mexico.

"We don't care where the victim lives. They don't deserve to be subjected to this type of criminal conduct," says Wedge.

This isn't the first time Moreland has been accused of this type of crime. About a decade ago he was convicted of kidnapping and attempting to rape an 18-year-old woman while he worked at a Vista Radio Shack.

He appeared to have moved on with his life. He rented a home in Rancho San Diego with his wife and two kids. Neighbors say he was up early each day since he worked in construction on projects at local hospitals. But during some of his work hours he was allegedly patrolling the streets of south bay looking for women.

"This is very bold. It's just a horrible crime," says Wedge.

Moreland is expected to be arraigned on Thursday.

"25% of all sex offenders re-offend within 15 years"
.........Sarah Tofte

Saturday, November 7, 2009

David Forget - Repeat Sex Offender - Repeat Internet Predator

A registered sex offender from Plantation was arrested Sunday after police said he traveled to Fort Lauderdale to meet who he thought was a 15-year-old girl he'd met online.

A registered sex offender from Plantation was arrested Sunday, police said, after he traveled to Fort Lauderdale to meet someone he thought was a 15-year-old girl he'd met online.

It actually was an undercover officer.

David Forget, 27, was charged with traveling to meet a minor to accomplish a sex act and using a computer to solicit a child for sex. He's being held at the Broward Main Jail in lieu of $250,000 bond.
Forget told the undercover Fort Lauderdale police detective to meet him at a specific location, authorities said. Thinking he was talking with a young girl, he told the officer to wear provocative clothing, police said.

Forget was arrested by Fort Lauderdale police on similar charges in 2003. He was convicted and added to the Florida sex offender list in 2004, according to state records.
Authorities ask anyone who may have information about this case to call Detective Robert Mauro, 954-828-6871, or Crime Stoppers, anonymously, at 954-493-8477.

"25% of all sex offenders re-offend within 15 years"
.........Sarah Tofte

Friday, November 6, 2009

Peter Charles McIntire Sr.- Repeat Sex Offender - Charged again

A convicted sex offender has been arrested on charges of lewd molestation as a result of incidents alleged to have occurred against a local girl.

Police contend that Peter Charles McIntire Sr., 59, was convicted in Osage County of lewd molestation in 2008.

According to the new case’s probable cause affidavit, on Oct. 26, Bartlesville police received a report from the victim’s mother that between January and May of 2007, McIntire had touched the victim inappropriately at his apartment in Bartlesville. The girl reportedly said that she resisted but that he spanked her as punishment.

When questioned by police, McIntire denied remembering anything about the incident, saying that he had “found religion” and did not lie.

Police contend he later told a polygraph administrator that he had touched the girl.

Bond was set in the amount of $50,000.

"25% of all sex offenders re-offend within 15 years"
.........Sarah Tofte

Eric Campbell - Repeat Sex Offender - Repeat Internet Predator

A Columbus man is sitting in the Fairborn jail accused of trying to meet a teenage girl for sex.

News Center 7 has learned that the man has been in trouble with the law before. In fact, police said Eric Campbell, 32, is a registered sex offender.

Det. Lee Cyr was posing as a 15-year-old girl while chatting with the suspect on the internet Thursday. "I told him I was off school, just woke up and was going back to bed. He asked if he could join me."

Cyr said the man solicited sex and then took things a step further. "He also sent nude photographs of himself and arranged to meet in Fairborn for sexual activity," he.

Officers arrested the man Thursday night when he arrived in Fairborn.
After his arrest, detectives discovered that Campbell was already a registered sex offender. He was convicted of sexual battery on a teenage girl back in 1997.

"His prior conviction was against a girl about the same age as my character. Some of the images on his computer are in the same age group. It contributes to a pattern," said Cyr.
Campbell was charged Friday with importuning and unlawful sexual conduct with a minor.

Next, a Greene County Grand Jury will hear evidence in the case.

"25% of all sex offenders re-offend within 15 years"
.........Sarah Tofte

Thursday, November 5, 2009

Jerry Paul Jenkins Jr. - Repeat Sex Offender - Defiant Repeat Child Molester

A convicted sex offender from Winchester was arrested Monday in Culpeper, according to the Frederick County Sheriff’s Office.

Capt. John Heflin said a Virginia state trooper arrested Jerry Paul Jenkins Jr., 41. On Tuesday, the Winchester Police Department transported him out of Culpeper.
Jenkins was wanted on a probation violation for failing to register as a sex offender as well as other offenses, according to of Martinsburg, W.Va.

He is charged with contributing to the delinquency of a minor, carnal knowledge and indecent liberties, according to court records. He is due to appear in Frederick County Circuit Court today at 9 a.m.
Prior to the arrest, law enforcement officials were searching the Bunker Hill and Winchester areas. The Journal News’ Web site reported that Jenkins is prohibited from being around children, and investigators had serious concerns about him being on the loose.

Culpeper law enforcement authorities did not have further details on the incident, and it is not clear in what part of the county Jenkins was arrested.

"25% of all sex offenders re-offend within 15 years"
.........Sarah Tofte

Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Scott Yancey - Repeat Sex Offender - Progressed from Child Pornography to Child Molestation

GULFPORT — A former volunteer youth coach and ex-police officer has pleaded guilty to receiving and possessing child pornography via computer for the second time in 11 years.

Scott Yancey, 38, of Long Beach entered his plea Tuesday before Senior U.S. District Judge Walter Gex III. Yancey faces 15 to 40 years in prison and a fine of $250,000. Gex set a tentative sentencing date for Feb. 10, 2010.
Yancey still faces prosecution on state charges alleging he molested three boys, ages 10 to 12, whom he helped coach through the Long Beach Recreation League. He also is charged with failing to register as a convicted sex offender.
The man later known as “Coach Scott” to Long Beach kids lost his career as a policeman in Gulf Shores, Ala., after his first child-porn conviction on March 5, 1998. He received three years’ probation for that offense.

He stood before the judge Tuesday in a jail uniform with his ankles shackled and hands cuffed and answered the judge’s questions with “yes, sir” and “no, sir.” Two rows on one side of the courtroom were filled with the families of the boys he is accused of molesting.

If the pornography case had gone to trial, the government was prepared to prove that Yancey’s home computer had sexually explicit pictures of young boys and Internet downloads of pornographic videos, said Assistant U.S. Attorney Jay Golden. The prosecutor said an expert was prepared to testify that Yancey has a sexual interest in young boys.

After the hearing, Golden called the prosecution “a significant case about horrible and disgusting things. The unsung heros are Matthew Campbell of the FBI and others who worked this case.”

Yancey has never registered as a convicted sex offender. He lived in Tennessee while on probation and moved to Long Beach in 2005. His attorney, Jim Davis, maintains that neither Tennessee nor Mississippi require registry for pornography convictions.

The pornography conviction from Alabama made local headlines and drew criticism after Yancey’s arrest in Long Beach on the sex-offender registry charge on Nov. 6, 2008.

The molestation trial has been postponed until after sentencing in the federal case. Assistant District Attorney Charlie Wood said Yancey has been offered a plea agreement that could spare the boys from having to testify, but the agreement “depends on the outcome of the federal sentencing.”

Yancey was sentenced in federal court in July to 16 months as a convicted felon in possession of a firearm. The gun was a Glock he bought while he was a police officer. Authorities learned he had kept the gun while they were investigating the molestation charges.

"25% of all sex offenders re-offend within 15 years"
.........Sarah Tofte

Anthony Cantu - Repeat Sex Offender - Juvenile Repeater

  • 2003 Victim: 7 year old boy
  • 2005 Victim: 3 year old boy
  • 2009 Victim: 4 year old boy

Anthony Cantu is only 21. He's also a twice-convicted registered sex offender. And now, authorities say he may have tried to kidnap a third child with the intent of sexually abusing the victim.

KAKE News has told you about Cantu's case before. He was charged in September with attempted kidnapping after prosecutors say he was caught on security video trying to lead a four-year-old boy away from his mother and out of a Derby store.

Since then, more information has surfaced about Cantu's past. In particular, prosecutors discovered he was mistakenly released from the custody of the state's Juvenile Justice Authority before the end of his term.
It began in 2005 when Cantu pleaded guilty to his second sex offense. He was 17 at the time, and still a minor. A judge ordered Cantu to serve time in a juvenile corrections facility until he turned 22 1/2, with instructions he was to remain under state supervision until he was 23.

While incarcerated, Cantu was able to earn 38 percent good time credit, which allowed him to be put on conditional release - the juvenile equivalent of parole - in August 2008.

But instead of staying on conditional release and under the Juvenile Justice Authority's supervision until he turned 23 in November 2010, Cantu was accidentally discharged completely in February 2009.
The Juvenile Justice Authority admits it made a mistake, and blames a "clerical miscalculation."

"Had the date been entered correctly into the system, he would have remained under the supervision of a case worker in the community," says Bill Miskell, spokesperson for the Department of Corrections and Juvenile Justice Authority.

Cantu's release presented a special dilemma for Sedgwick County prosecutors.

"It was problematic not having some sort of supervision in this case," says Ron Paschal, Sedgwick Co. Deputy District Attorney.
Paschal discovered Cantu's mistaken release when prosecutors filed the attempted kidnapping charges against him in September. Paschal went back through the court file, only to learn the District Attorney's office never received a crucial piece of paper indicating authorities planned to release Cantu from parole supervision.

Without it, prosecutors never knew Cantu was not being supervised.
As for Cantu, he thought he had successfully completed the terms of his sentence.

Paschal says Cantu was released with more than 650 days left to serve on his 2005 conviction.
"We believe it's completely unrealistic when balanced against the crime committed and the risk to the citizens in the community," Paschal said.

It was during the time Cantu should have been under the watch of the Juvenile Justice Authority, prosecutors allege he attempted to kidnap another child.
Although Cantu's release from a correctional facility was legal, his release from parole was not. So when the new charges surfaced, Paschal had to take Cantu back to court on his old convictions.

As part of an agreement in 2005, Cantu was sentenced to juvenile corrections with the understanding that if he was released and violated the terms of his parole, he'd be sent to prison to serve an adult punishment.

That's exactly what a judge ordered Cantu to do last Friday, while the new attempted kidnapping charges work their way through the legal system.

The Juvenile Justice Authority says it was also unaware of the error in Cantu's release until contacted by prosecutors. Since the discovery, spokesperson Bill Miskell says additional safeguards have been put in place to ensure it never happens again. Miskell says all discharge dates are now reviewed multiple times before anybody is released from parole.

Although Cantu was not being supervised by the Juvenile Justice Authority, his KBI profile shows he was a fully-compliant registered sex offender. He now faces 65 months in prison for violating the terms of parole in his 2005 conviction, a number that could grow substantially if Cantu is also convicted of attempted kidnapping in his current case.

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"25% of all sex offenders re-offend within 15 years"
.........Sarah Tofte

Christopher D. Britt - Sentenced under Jessica's Law - Enough is Enough

A Johnson County judge this morning sentenced an Overland Park man convicted of sexually assaulting a 9-year-old girl to life without possible parole for more than 50 years.

Christopher D. Britt, 27, was convicted in June of rape of a child under 14, aggravated criminal sodomy of a child under 14 and aggravated indecent liberties with a child under 14.

Judge James Franklin Davis sentenced Britt under the Kansas version of Jessica’s Law, passed in 2006. Named in memory of a murdered Florida girl, such laws mandate harsh sentences for sex offenders who victimize children.
Britt is among few sentenced in Johnson County under the law, and his lawyer argued today that it is unconstitutional.

Judge Davis ruled otherwise and said legislatures have determined that “enough is enough” and such laws “are severe on purpose” and are not cruel and unusual punishment.
Christopher Brown, assistant prosecutor, argued for the harshest possible sentence on each count and cited the damage done to the victim.

“This little girl has told the jury about things that no 9-year-old girl should know about let alone experience,” he said.

Judge Davis imposed consecutive maximum sentences of life without parole for 618 months for the rape, 10 years for sodomy and five years for indecent liberties.

Steven Randall - Repeat Sex Offender - Parents be Warned Don't let him in your house

A convicted sex offender who molested a four-year-old boy while being monitored by the police has been jailed for five years and four months.

Steven Randall, 23, from Strathaven in South Lanarkshire, committed the offence as the boy slept at a house in Ayrshire in March.

Randall had been on the sex offenders register for a previous crime involving children but dropped off it last July.

The judge said he posed a "high risk" and imposed a lifelong restriction.

The parole board will decide when it is safe to release him.
Judge Lord Mackay said: "I am advised there is a risk of serious sexual violence, and that violence might be directed against children or adults."

The High Court in Edinburgh heard that Randall molested the four-year-old in the middle of the night while he was a visitor at the boy's family home.
At an earlier hearing he admitted indecent behaviour towards the child.

Police monitoring
The court was told that Randall was previously on the sex offenders register, but his registration ended in July 2008.

However, because the of "high risk" status police decided to continue monitoring and visiting him.
The court heard the child involved had alerted his mother to the abuse.

When Randall was initially questioned he denied the allegation but, in a subsequent police interview, he admitted what happened.

The judge also ordered that Randall be put on the sex offenders register again.

"25% of all sex offenders re-offend within 15 years"
.........Sarah Tofte

John Reynolds - Repeat Sex Offender - Predator

  • Sexual Contact With Individual Less Than 11Years Old

An Amherst man identified as a registered Level 2 sex offender has been charged with a sex crime against a child.

John Reynolds, 35, of Emerson Road, is charged with felony predatory sexual assault against a child and first-degree criminal sexual act. His arrest followed a weeklong investigation by the Amherst Police Special Victim’s Unit. Further information was unavailable.

"25% of all sex offenders re-offend within 15 years"
.........Sarah Tofte

Joseph Lee Anderson Jr. - Repeat Sex Offender - Pleads Guilty - Enhancement Dismissed

A Michigan City man who admitted he fondled a 9-year-old boy in Lake Station faces a 30-month prison sentence.

Joseph Lee Anderson Jr., who pleaded guilty to child solicitation, admitted he had been babysitting the child on Dec. 27 when the crime occurred.
Under terms of the plea agreement submitted to Lake Superior Court Judge Diane Ross Boswell, a child molesting charge punishable by a maximum eight-year prison sentence and a repeat sex offender enhancement will be dismissed at his Dec. 1 sentencing.
Anderson has a prior conviction in June 2006 in Newton County for vicarious sexual gratification.

"25% of all sex offenders re-offend within 15 years"
.........Sarah Tofte

Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Travonti DeBose - Repeat Sex Offender - First Offense as Juvenile

He deserved another chance, they said.
And he would never, ever do it again.

— They lined up Monday in front of the judge on behalf of Travonti DeBose. His mother and his sister, his grandparents and uncle, even the father who went to prison.

They called him a good kid, a smart kid. They said he was a loving son and brother from a religious family. He deserved another chance, they said. And he would never, ever do it again.

"Have mercy upon my son," said mother Darnesha Cumming. "Give him a second chance."

But Pinellas-Pasco Circuit Judge Philip J. Federico sentenced the 22-year-old St. Petersburg man to 16 years in prison and declared him a sexual predator for raping one boy and trying to rape another.

"We are here because of his actions," the judge said. "The fact is that these young men were injured both physically and psychologically, and that if he was in a position to be free, he could repeat this.
The state said he already has. In 2003, DeBose was just 15 when he was arrested for fondling a 13-year-old boy in a John Hopkins Middle School bathroom.

DeBose was at it again at age 19, police said, when he was accused of terrorizing three high school students around Lakewood High School between September 2006 and March 2007.

In the first attack, a 6-foot, 240-pound DeBose raped a teen. He physically attacked two more teens, police said, but bystanders interrupted and detained him during the third attack.
But the state said it only had enough evidence to charge him in the first and third attacks.

Assistant State Attorney Ashley Hawkins said DeBose had already been through a diversion program as a juvenile.
"Four years later he's doing the same thing," she said. "Some of his family members said that he has learned from his mistakes.

"Clearly he has not."
DeBose pleaded guilty to charges of sexual battery, attempted sexual battery and robbery on Sept. 25, after the judge agreed to cap his sentence to the minimum of 16 years.

"25% of all sex offenders re-offend within 15 years"
.........Sarah Tofte

Beheading and Crucifixion ordered for Pedophile

A man in Saudi Arabia is to be beheaded and crucified after he raped five children and left one of them, a three-year-old boy, to die in the desert.

An appeal court in the capital Riyadh approved the death sentence handed down in June by judges in the northwestern oasis city of Hail where the convicted 22-year-old man carried out his crimes.

The rapist - who was not named - was arrested several weeks ago as he tried to seize another boy after offering him a ride home from school.

The seven-year-old - who escaped unharmed - helped identify the culprit.

The man’s victims were aged between three and seven. He was said to have lured them into his car as they left school at midday and then drove them to remote desert locations to rape them.

An investigation was launched after a 25-year-old father reported that his three-year-old son was missing and that he suspected the kidnapper to be a male driver of a white four-wheel drive vehicle.

The infant was later found under a scorching sun in the desert where he had died of thirst.

A panel of three judges in Hail sentenced the rapist to death for “abhorrent” crimes which they said had terrorised the community.

Crucifixion in the conservative desert Kingdom means tying the convict’s body to wooden beams to be displayed to the public after he is decapitated by a professional swordsman.

Saudi Arabia has executed 56 people this year under laws that allow the death penalty for rape, murder, apostasy, armed robbery and drug trafficking.

In extreme cases, the convict is executed and his body crucified in public.

Eric Anderson - Repeat Sex Offender - Targeted Mom to get to daughter

PALM BAY, Fla. -- Palm Bay police said a registered sex offender has been arrested, accused of a sex crime against a child for the third time.

Police said Eric Anderson was arrested at about 5 p.m. on Monday. They said he had been convicted of two sex crimes in the past and was released from prison in May.
Police said after he was released he befriended a woman with an 8-year-old daughter and molested the girl after picking her up from school. Officers said the victim's mother walked in as Anderson was about to perform oral sex on girl.

"Her other daughter was in the hospital. She was in a tough spot. She needed a favor. She turned to the wrong person, and this guy took advantage of her," Palm Bay Police Department spokesman Gregory Guillette said.
Anderson is a registered sex offender. Officers said he served seven years in prison on charges of attempted sexual battery by an adult on a child under 12.
Investigators said the girl is not only the victim of Anderson, but the victim of a system that let her down by failing to place stricter standards on sex criminals.
Anderson's only requirement was to report his address once a year.

"25% of all sex offenders re-offend within 15 years"
.........Sarah Tofte

Richard Long - A Repeat Sex Offender - Life in prison selling drugs in the park - near children

Drug Dealer AND Sex Offender

"Child rapists selling drugs next to a park is not going to be tolerated."

HERNANDO - A three-time convicted sex offender has been sentenced to life in prison for selling drugs near a park.

Richard Long, 52, received the sentence following a trial in DeSoto County Circuit Court that ended on Thursday with jurors returning a guilty verdict against him for the sale of Diazepam.

They deliberated for some 15 minutes after being presented with video evidence that showed Long dealing the drug, most commonly known as valium, from a travel trailer in the Candlelight Mobile Home Estates adjacent to Olive Branch City Park.

Assistant District Attorney Smith Murphey said that Long's proximity to the park, in itself, constituted a violation of his probation on convictions from his home state of Colorado.
Long had recently spent 12 years in a Colorado prison, he said, with prior convictions including two for sexual battery of a child and one for aggravated incest with his own child.

Those convictions led to Long being sentenced in DeSoto County as an habitual offender, meaning he will not have a chance for parole or earned release from prison.
"I think we made the world a safer place," Murphy said about the local conviction and sentence, noting that jurors had no knowledge of Long's prior criminal history. "Child rapists selling drugs next to a park is not going to be tolerated."

"25% of all sex offenders re-offend within 15 years"
.........Sarah Tofte

Michael W. Taylor - Repeat Sex Offender - Assaults 2 year old boy

MUNCIE — A convicted sex offenderwas arrested early Monday for molesting a 2-year-old boy.

Muncie police were called by the alleged victim’s mother, who said she awoke to find her boyfriend, Michael W. Taylor, 32, touching her young son’s genitals.

Taylor had been lying in bed with the woman and her child, according to a probable cause affidavit.

Police preliminarily charged Taylor with child molesting, a Class C felony carrying a standard four-year sentence.

Taylor was convicted in 1999 of lewd and lascivious behavior with a child in Monroe County, Fla., and sentenced to 10 years in prison. He is listed on the Indiana Sheriff’s Sex and Violent Offender’s Registry.

"25% of all sex offenders re-offend within 15 years"
.........Sarah Tofte

Anthony Sowell - Repeat Sex Offender - Hid his crimes in the basement

Ohio police charged a convicted sexual predator with 5 counts aggravated murder hours after four more bodies were taken from his backyard and a skull removed from the man's basement.
Anthony Sowell, 50, was also charged Tuesday with rape, felonious assault and kidnapping, Cleveland police spokesman Lt. Thomas Stacho said.

The gruesome new discovery comes after 6 bodies were found last week in the Sowell's house.

He will be arraigned Wednesday.

Cadaver dogs unsuccessfully searched Sowell's backyard throughout the day, but found the remains while using a backhoe to dig up portions of the yard, Cleveland Police Chief Michael McGrath said Tuesday night.

He couldn't say specifically where in the backyard the bodies were found or if any of them were decapitated, but said the skull was found wrapped in a paper bag in a bucket in Sowell's basement.

McGrath said they hope the corner’s office will be able to identify the sex of the bodies by Wednesday morning.

"25% of all sex offenders re-offend within 15 years"
.........Sarah Tofte

Monday, November 2, 2009

Scott Allen Prestridge - Repeat Sex Offender - 140 years for sexual assault of a 14 month old child

Amarillo, Texas - A registered sex offender is sentenced for the Sexual Assault of a 14 month old child. 47th District Attorney Randall Sims says 23 year old Scott Allen Prestridge was sentenced for two counts of Injury to a Child, and Aggravated Sexual Assault of a Child Under 6 years of age.

Prestridge is a previously registered sex offender from an offense that occurred in the 1990's. He was sentenced to 140 years in jail. His sentences will run concurrently.

"25% of all sex offenders re-offend within 15 years"
.........Sarah Tofte

Thomas Brian Fairclough - Repeat Sex Offender - Faces Federal Charges

A 37-year-old Kankakee man who was a registered sexual predator is now facing four federal counts of sexual exploitation of a child, according to the U.S. Attorney's office in Champaign.

Thomas Brian Fairclough, 37, of 746 S. Evergreen Ave., Kankakee, remains in federal custody after the FBI and Kankakee police arrested him Tuesday morning at his residence.
He has been a registered sexual predator since age 30, when he pleaded guilty to four counts of aggravated criminal sexual abuse in 2003 for fondling two boys -- ages 12 and 13. In that case, Fairclough received probation and served no time in jail.

"25% of all sex offenders re-offend within 15 years"
.........Sarah Tofte

Sunday, November 1, 2009

Walter Leroy Hagaman - Repeat Sex Offender - Arrested

A transient registered sex offender offered to give a 17-year-old South Daytona boy oral sex for $100, according to the South Daytona Police Department.

Walter Leroy Hagaman, 35, was arrested Wednesday after his accuser identified him from the state's registered sex offender page, a police report states.

"He was smart to do that," South Daytona police spokesman Lt. Ron Wright said.

The teen told police a man, whom he identified as Hagaman, approached him in a car at the intersection of South Ridgewood and Slayton avenues about 9 p.m. Monday and asked for directions to Daytona Beach. He propositioned him with both an offer to buy the boy's sperm and then to give him oral sex, the report states.

When the boy said "no" the second time, Hagaman drove off, according to the report. The teenager went home, told his father and called police.

Though Hagaman denied the allegations in his statement to police, Wright said, the description the teen gave police on Monday night matched him perfectly.

Hagaman is charged with procuring a person under 18 for prostitution. He was transported to the Volusia County Branch Jail and held with no bail allowed.

"25% of all sex offenders re-offend within 15 years"
.........Sarah Tofte