Thursday, July 17, 2008

Kevin Bean Repeat Sex Offender tries to pick up girl

A registered sex offender faces new charges after Elmira Police say he tried to pick up a 12-year-old girl on Wednesday night while in his car.

At around quarter after 9 p.m. Wednesday, police say 36-year-old Kevin Bean of Pine Valley tried to pick up a 12-year-old girl in the area of Lake Street and Linden Place.

The girl was walking with a friend, and immediately ran to a relative's house to call police, according to authorities.

Officers say they arrested bean after locating his car near the Burger King parking lot on Madison Avenue.

Kevin Bean was arrested and charged with DWI, and as a fugitive from justice out of the State of Alabama.

He's wanted there as a child sex offender who failed to notify authorities of his change of address.

Bean was arraigned Thursday morning at Elmira City Court.

"25% of all sex offenders re-offend within 15 years"
.........Sarah Tofte

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