Thursday, December 11, 2008

Mitchel A. Calkins - Teenaged MySpace Predator

A Lisbon teen was sentenced today to six months in jail and assignation to the sex offender registry as a high-risk offender for having videos of underage girls.

16-year-old Mitchel A. Calkins was sentenced in St. Lawrence County Court to six months in jail, 10 years probation, and classification as a level 3 sex offender on his guilty plea to possession of a sexual performance by a child.

Calkins admitted to soliciting girls aged 14 to 16 via his MySpace account to send him photos and videos. Calkins would strike up a correspondence with them using an AOL account, and then coerce them into sending more explicit materials by threatening to publish what they had sent him already.

His arrest came after a 14 year old girl complained to police. Several more victims came forward after the initial arrest to say they had went through a similar experience with Calkins.

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