Thursday, August 27, 2009

Robert Lee Benefield - Repeat Sex Offender - Out of control again

A convicted sex offender is back in jail, charged with sexually assaulting a Richmond County high school student while she was walking to class.

Richmond County Board of Education Police say the 16-year-old was on Lumpkin Road walking to Butler High School this morning when she saw the suspect following her in his work vehicle. Officers say he was taking pictures of the girl while masturbating and driving. The girl also told police the suspect asked her repeatedly if she wanted a ride.
A short time later RCBOE police arrested Robert Lee Benefield, 43, a man they say is "a known sexual predator", at his job on Goshen Industrial Boulevard. Benefield is a registered sex offender in Richmond County, convicted of rape in Jefferson County in 1993.

RCBOE Police say the girl ran inside her school, Butler High, for help.

Lt. Richard Roundtree with the BOE Police praised another mother who saw the incident unfolding, got Benefield's tag information, then followed the girl into the school to report it to a public safety officer. Lt. Roundtree says that BOE officer tracked Benefield down at his job, and arrested him, then brought back to the school and identified by the victim.

"This is a favorable outcome because this person was taken into custody," Lt. Roundtree said. "He was a known sexual offender, known sexual predator, and (he was taken into custody) before he was able to hurt any of our children."

But Lt. Roundtree still sending out a strong warning. "It's a wake up call," he said. "We want parents to be diligent also and make the children aware this is an issue (while they're in school and traveling to and from school)."
Benefield's rap sheet goes back to the early 90's convicted of rape, forgery, and drug charges.
"I hope he don't ever see daylight no more, because if he get out, he's going to do it again," said Oliver.

Richmond County Sheriff's Office sex crimes investigators charged Benefield with indecent exposure.

"25% of all sex offenders re-offend within 15 years"
.........Sarah Tofte

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