Tuesday, September 8, 2009

David Likens - Molested toddler at 12, Batters daughter at 21

A young Indianapolis man who became notorious when he was charged at 12 with molesting a toddler is now charged with physically abusing his daughter.

David Likens, 21, appeared in court Friday to face a charge of felony battery, The Indianapolis Star reported. He spent six years in institutions after admitting he molested a 3-year-old neighbor when he was 12.

"Here we are at age 21, and he apparently didn't learn anything while in the juvenile system," Marion County Prosecutor Carl Brizzi said.

The Marion County Prosecutor’s Office is accusing a young father of abusing his baby daughter.

An affidavit reports the eight-month-old has several broken bones and prosecutors conclude her father, 21-year-old David Likens, is responsible. Such accusations are familiar to the Likens' family.

In August of 2001, people lit candles in honor of a toddler who had been molested. The prosecutor, then, accused three young brothers in that incident.

David Likens was 12 years old then -- the youngest of the three.

Nearly 10 years later he's accused of inflicting serious injury to his baby daughter. The affidavit states she was taken to a Riley Hospital emergency Room on August 12.

A doctor reported evidence of several broken bones, one being the child's left leg. A doctor, according to the affidavit, concluded such fractures are "caused by a jerking movement, causing the ligament to break the end of the bone."

Likens and his wife, Dina, couldn't explain it.

In the affidavit, David Likens said he "never squeezed [her] and said he didn't know what happened to her leg."

To that, testimony in the affidavit added that David was "rough with all the kids, but it's because he doesn't know his own strength."

David Likens is charged with battery.

The prosecutor accuses the baby's mother, Dina Likens, with neglect and criminal recklessness for failure to seek proper medical attention and for putting the child in a dangerous situation.

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ashnic42080 said...

i personally know david as well as the whole likens family. they all disgust me to no end. david deserves the harhest punishment they can give him cause he will always mess up and do horrible things to children out there. that whole family is so sick and screwed up in the head its crazy.