Saturday, September 26, 2009

Ernest Jesus Perez - Child Molester - Retaliates for being reported

Investigators say the victims started coming forward after Perez was arrested for shooting 73 year old Ron Whisenant to death last month.

Detectives allege the motive for Whisenant's murder was retaliation. Court documents say it was Whisenant who turned Perez into police for child molestation.

An 81-year-old Tulare County man charged with murder now faces dozens of child molestation charges, and authorities believe he may have shot the man because he accused him of molesting a boy.

Ernest Jesus Perez now faces 54 count of committing lewd acts with a child.
Sheriff's officials say there are three alleged victims. They say at least 20 acts were committed against one boy, who told authorities that Perez paid his family over three years to keep them from reporting him.
Authorities believe Perez fatally shot 73-year-old Ronald Whisenant on Aug. 18 at Whisenant's antique store because the man had voiced suspicions about the molestation. The two had been feuding for a year over a bad real estate deal.

Perez has pleaded not guilty to murder, elder abuse and one of the lewd acts charges.

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