Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Human Rights Organizations support International Megan's Law

"The indifference that sustains the criminality, greed and perverse demands of adults for sex with children and young people needs to end."
While the world's attention was focused on Phillip Garrido, who is accused of abducting 11-year-old Jaycee Lee Dugard in 1991 and holding her hostage for 18 years as a sex slave, three other alleged sexual predators were quietly brought back to the U.S. to face prosecution for abusing countless children in Cambodia. The horrifying ordeal of Garrido's victim is now well documented; however, the stories of an estimated 1.8 million other children worldwide who are forced into the multibillion-dollar commercial sex trade every year remain largely unheard.

One of the men arrested in Cambodia, Jack Sporich, 75, spent nine years in a California prison for molesting as many as 500 boys during camping trips. Although Sporich was placed on a public registry and barred from living or working within 1,000 ft. of a school or a child-care center anywhere in the U.S., Cambodian authorities were not notified when Sporich relocated to Phnom Penh in 2006. Sporich was arrested after an investigation by a local agency — Action Pour Les Enfants–Cambodia — alleged that he had lured three Cambodian boys ages 9 to 12 to his home with toys and candies. Court documents state that Sporich also enticed them by dropping Cambodian currency in the street as he rode along on a motorbike.

The case has reinvigorated support for H.R. 1623, the "International Megan's law," which Representative Chris Smith, a New Jersey Republican, introduced in March 2009. If passed, the bill would alert officials abroad when U.S. sex offenders intend to travel and would encourage other countries to keep sex-offender lists and notify American officials about offenders' U.S. travel plans. U.S. law can grab American predators overseas. Sporich, along with Ronald Boyajian, 49, and Erik Peeters, 41, were charged under the Protect Act, which was enacted six years ago to strengthen federal laws related to predatory crimes committed outside the U.S.

"Sex offenders still think they can come to East Asia and commit new crimes with impunity," says Giorgio Berardi, program officer for combating child-sex tourism at ECPAT International, an organization working to eliminate child pornography, prostitution and trafficking. "We need far better collaboration between countries to prevent sexual exploitation of children."

Human-rights organizations say an International Megan's Law would be a step in the right direction. "If we know someone is committing serious crimes at home or overseas, we want to accurately identify them," says Karen Stauss of the Polaris Project, an organization dedicated to combating human-trafficking. Amanda Bissex, UNICEF Thailand's chief of child protection, agrees that H.R. 1623 would benefit vulnerable children. "We need to improve law enforcement and the economic welfare of children," says Bissex, "but we also need to address people's attitudes and create an environment where there is zero tolerance for abuse of children, whether in their home country or overseas."
Carmen Madrinan, executive director of ECPAT International. "The indifference that sustains the criminality, greed and perverse demands of adults for sex with children and young people needs to end."
UNICEF surveys indicate that 30% to 35% of all sex workers in the Mekong subregion of Southeast Asia are between 12 and 17 years of age. Women and girls from poor rural families make up the majority of sex workers in Southeast Asia, says Bissex. "Even in situations where a child knowingly goes into this, it's not a choice a child can make, or ever would make if they had other [economic] options."
Representative Smith is one of the few prominent U.S. politicians who has proposed legislation to curb America's role in the international sex industry, an industry that he notes is intimately linked to child prostitution and human-trafficking. "The buyers of commercial sex must be sensitized to the harm they cause women and girls and to the fact their money fuels modern-day slavery," Smith said at a joint briefing of the Congressional Caucus on Human Trafficking and the Congressional Victims' Rights Caucus in July 2009. "A cultural shift that recognizes the link between commercial sex and the trafficking of women and girls would starve the modern-day slaveholders. If potential buyers knew of the unspeakable lives of servitude and degradation these victims suffer, I think they would think twice before laying down their money."


Doc said...

Let's just quit dancing around this issue and take it to its final conclusion.
Sex offenders, as everyone knows, can't be repaired. The people who live with them, their wives, kids, parents, whatever are just enabling them to carry on with their sick, twisted urges and desires.
We all know the final outcome...why are we putting it off?? Do we WANT more children to suffer the fate worse than death of sexual abuse??

It's long past time to use those so-called FEMA camps for their intended purpose and load up the box cars and send these "people" to their just reward.
And that, of course, is the "de-lousing" showers. That Charlie Chaplin looking feller had the right idea, just the wrong group of scum-bags (not to say Jews are anything less than human, they're NOT, but sex offenders and those who stick by their sides, that's another kettle of fish!)

Vigilant Antis said...

Anybody who could mock this issue the way you have done is someone who has serious issues.

I don't think it would be unreasonable to conclude that you are also a registered sex offender and you don't care if people are abusing children in disadvantaged countries on a massive scale.

Perhaps you're just angry that you can't cross the border into Canada. Or perhaps you're just plain stupid.

Either way, you're a menace to society.

Doc said...

Oh c'mon Mr I live in Antarctica, you know that's where your head is at. This incrementalism is a bore. Let's get down to it & quit pussy-footing around. You know you want to kill all former sex offenders and those of us who defend their right to be free citizens.

I love how you people accuse those of us who fight for the rights of ALL Americans and all human beings to be as free as possible, of being guilty of whatever it is you're against at the moment.

Why I'll just bet that if this was the 50's and I was coming out on the side of allowing blacks the same rights as whites you'd call me a n***** lover! Or if I was to suggest that gay people should be allowed to marry and adopt kids, you'd call me a faggot...

That's ok dude. Call me a RSO. I've been called worse.

Yeah, it's a really bad thing what's being done to children AND adults in re your comments, but to single out and punish a group of people because of the title, "sex offender" without knowing the exact nature of their crime, when it occurred, with whom (if anyone), is to paint a gigantic portion of the population with quite an unfair brush.

But what this new proposed law, which nobody running for any government office will have the stones to oppose, will do, the "unintended consequence" is to prevent those RSO's who might want to leave the USA for good, from doing so. It's almost like you authoritarians WANT sex offenders to stay nearby.
Which is why I believe your quest is extermination. This is, after all, the way Hitler started.

Apparently there are a whole lot of American's (and others) who agree with me. I guess everyone who agrees with me is a RSO and a "menace to society."
We who would dare to speak our minds, who would dare to not march in lock-step (goose-step?) with the majority.

and +/- 23,000 more:

I do applaud you for allowing my posts though. Really big of you. (Although I haven't looked at the rest of your site...I may the only person in your history to have commented.)

Doc said...

I complimented you on your love of free speech way too soon!

You know what I love about moderated blogs/forums?


Mine isn't moderated, even against wingnuts like you.


I OTOH have nuts: doc@halebobb.com
Yeah, go ahead and post my email address!

Vigilant Antis said...

Oh c'mon Mr "I'm proud to be a registered sex offender so I'll pretend to be something else to start a dialog"

Sex offenders are liars as you have just proved

Since I don't want to "kill" anyone I think you are the one who should quit pussy-footing around and stop projecting your bad behavior onto others. You believe society is painting sex offenders with a broad brush? What did you just do?

"I love how you people accuse those of us who fight for the rights of ALL Americans"

Then go off on a rant about other groups of people, like gays and blacks in the 1950's. Look Dude, are you a freaking idiot? You became a sex offender because you CHOSE to. You are not singled out and "punished" because of the color of your eyes, nor is it a punishment. It's a tool. It's necessary for managing people who have no boundaries and care so little for other people that they sexually abuse them. YOU NEED to be managed. I can't help it that you don't recognize that, but perhaps if you had anything more to you than shallow impulsive idiotic mantras you wouldn't BE on a registry.

As far as you leaving the country to get away from the "oppression" you fail to understand that nobody else wants you either. Up until this point they couldn't know who you were either. This will be a very nice improvement. Even disadvantaged children in third world countries deserve protection. Your lack of concern does not come as a surprise. I had you pegged from the moment you first opened your mouth.

The fact of the matter is, you're a person who should be in prison for the rest of your life, the fact that you have been allowed freedom outside of prison and that rather than be grateful you terrorize people with distorted mockery of child sexual abuse - is proof that you don't need to be walking free. You are one of the reasons I've supported banning sex offenders completely from the internet. They've proven they can't handle it. Freedom that is - And the internet.

Vigilant Antis said...

I complimented you on your love of free speech way too soon!"

No. You have an impulse control problem and obviously believe the world revolves around you. But then, those traits go hand in hand with cognitively distorted individuals who mock the issue of child sexual abuse. It's just so Peter del valle'ish

Not to mention Godwins Law. Let's surely not forget that one.

"I OTOH have nuts"

I'll bet you ten to one mine are bigger than yours and I don't even have any.

Doc said...

Alrighty then.
Sorry I called you "dude."

Thinks for putting up my site, http://halebobb.com/raves

Y'all check out http://halebobb.com/rants too. I'm pretty sure our own JD will start posting stuff there any minute.

Of course the real meat is on http://halebobb.com

And on my sites you need not resort to ad hominum attacks to goad me into publishing your stuff. No moderation on our free end of the interwebs, unlike the nets in "Antarctica". [snicker]

Kinda odd how "sex offenders" morphs into "child sexual abusers" in your mind.
Look, if you hate what you do/have done/fantasize about so much, just stop it!

(It's always the ones who scream the loudest...y'all ever notice that?)

In conclusion, follow the links I posted. Godwins[sic] Law doesn't apply, but thanks for playing!

Vigilant Antis said...

"Look, if you hate what you do/have done/fantasize about so much, just stop it!

(It's always the ones who scream the loudest...y'all ever notice that?)"

I've already explained projection to you. Some people never learn. Which is why you should be on a registry for the rest of your life - although prison would be preferable.

Just because you're stupid enough to compare the consequences of your own actions to the actions of an evil man doesn't mean Godwin's Law doesn't apply. The fact that you don't know that it does is why you were stupid enough to try it in the first place.