Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Jack Irvin Sims - Be careful what you appeal for

A Castle Rock man who was banished from Cowlitz County for molesting his 11-year-old next door neighbor has won a court fight - but he might not be too happy about it.

The Washington Court of Appeals agreed with Jack Irvin Sims that a lower court judge's banishment order infringed upon his right to travel. But the court also threw out the rest of his sentence, which included placement in a sex-offender treatment program in lieu of a 60 months-to-life prison term.
The case is going back to Cowlitz County Superior Court, and this time Sims could go to prison. At sentencing, the judge said the banishment was the reason he agreed to allow treatment instead of confinement.
Sims pleaded guilty to first-degree child molestation after admitting he went next door while the girl's parents weren't home and washed her back in the shower.

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