Tuesday, March 30, 2010

The Human Face of Pedophilia - Garry Francis Newman

The Adelaide Supreme Court this morning stripped Newman, 50, of Victoria, of his anonymity and ordered his name and face be made public.

Justice Trish Kelly then jailed Newman - who she called a "overweight, balding, middle-aged paedophile" - for life, with a 29-year non-parole period.

Until now, Newman's real name has been obscured by both legal complexities surrounding the long-running case, and by the sexual predator's own scheming.
For years, Newman maintained in excess of 200 fake online identities - under a variety of perverted, risque names - while communicating with teenage girls, seeking to have sex with them.
In sentencing today, Justice Kelly said such behaviour proved Newman "completely lacked a moral compass" and had "no insight" into his crime.

She said he "masqueraded' as Miss Ryan's dream man, Brandon Kane, in a "grossly perverted plan" to secure the trust of the girl and her mother, Sonya.

"It was a terribly cruel thing you did to this beautiful, impressionable 14-year-old child," she said.

"I say 'child' because that's what she was - a child who fell in love with the idea of the handsome, musically-inclined and rather exotic Brandon Kane.

"The real man, instead, was an overweight, balding, middle-aged paedophile with sex and murder on his mind.

"When your deception came unravelled and unstuck you killed her, leaving in your wake a devastated and inconsolably grief-striken mother, family and friends."

Newman's twisted pursuit of Miss Ryan, in 2006 and 2007, was the third time he had attempted such a scheme.

He had previously chased girls in the United States and Singapore, vowing to leave one "looking like the packaged meat you get at Safeway" when she stood him up.

In January 2007, Newman travelled to Adelaide under the pretence of being "Brandon's father, Shane" to meet Miss Ryan - but she rebuffed his advances at her 15th birthday party.

Newman returned to Adelaide the next month, using the Brandon Kane Internet construct to lure Miss Ryan to a final meeting at Port Elliot.

Her body was found in the shallows of Horseshoe Bay the next morning.

Today, Justice Kelly said she had no doubt Newman intended to kill Miss Ryan.

"It might be that in the days you spent with her... you vacillated, you might have thought you could persuade her to return ... with you," she said.

"You might have even hoped you could have her way with her, right up until the very moment you decided to kill her.

"You set up an environment where you could have access to Miss Ryan in a lonely and deserted place."

Throughout his trial, Newman denied playing any part in Miss Ryan's death, claiming he left the teen alive and well on the beach.

He insisted he felt "fatherly" toward her, and had no sexual interest in the girl.

Justice Kelly dismissed those claims.

"You were, in fact, sexually obsessed with Miss Ryan to the degree that, when you could not get your own way you prepared to, and did, kill her," she said.

"It is the only explanation for what happened."

She said she had made a "small" discount in Newman's sentence for the "belated confession" he made in court last week.

In a statement, Carly's mother, Sonya Ryan, thanked her supporters, the police officers who had worked on the case and prosecutors Tim Preston and Carmen Matteo.

She was happy the matter had come to an end.

"I am relieved that Garry Newman is no longer a danger to the community and other innocent children," she said.

"I am pleased the truth has been revealed for Carly and the community can now see the enormous level of manipulation and cruelty carried out by this man.

"Nothing can give Carly back her life but I will endeavour to honour her by moving forward with The Carly Ryan Foundation, helping to prevent such an awful crime from happening to another child."

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