Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Jose Reyes - Repeat Sex Offender - Juvenile Repeater Rapes Girl at School

When Jose Reyes began dating a 14-year-old special ed student, it probably should have raised a few red flags at Roosevelt High.
Reyes, 18, had already been convicted of child molestation and three counts of child luring in 2008 after convincing three young girls all under the age of 11 to sit on his lap in exchange for yo-yos and trading cards. During one of the incidents, Reyes allegedly took the girl to a parking garage, spanked her and asked her to take her pants off.

According to court records, Reyes had also been banned from local libraries as a 13-year-old after getting caught masturbating while looking at porn.
When Reyes enrolled at Roosevelt, the King County Sheriff's Office sent the school a letter informing them that he was a sex offender. But word never reached the district. So according to a schools' spokesperson, a behavioral plan meant to keep a closer watch on Reyes never materialized.

From SeattleCrime:
Court documents say on May 18th, Reyes and the girl skipped class and met outside the school, "where they kissed." Reyes "kept asking [the girl] to go in one of the school bathrooms so they could do more touching and finally she consented," records say.

Reyes then allegedly accompanied the girl into a stall in a women's bathroom inside the school and digitally penetrated her.

Court documents say the girl asked Reyes to stop when he began hurting her, but he ignored her pleas and "kept penetrating her against her wishes" for about five minutes.

"He only stopped when someone entered the bathroom," court records say. "Once the bathroom was clear they both left and went back to class."
The girl told a school counselor about the incident two days later, and police arrested Reyes.

Reyes has been charged with third-degree rape. As for the possible oversight that allowed him to slip back into class unnoticed, the schools' spokesperson said, "It's very clear that we will need to have a conversation with the other agencies involved to ensure there's absolute clarity about the flow of information."

"25% of all sex offenders re-offend within 15 years"
.........Sarah Tofte

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