Friday, January 4, 2008

Edward Tadeusz Grzybowicz - Pedophile Offender

A FORMER school worker once described as a "calculated" sex offender has been charged with breaching a pedophile restraining order.

Edward Tadeusz Grzybowicz was jailed for four years in the District Court in 2001 for sexually abusing three teenage boys.

On his release, Grzybowicz was put under a restraining order banning him from having any contact with children under 16.

It is alleged he breached that order by trying to befriend a teenager on an Adelaide train last year.

Grzybowicz, 45, committed his original offences when he was working as an Aboriginal studies worker at a school in the southwest suburbs.

He plied the boys with alcohol and cannabis, offered them Viagra, and encouraged them to watch pornography.

At sentencing, Judge Andrew Wilson said Grzybowicz had visited his teenage victims at their high school and then, after being told to leave by staff, continued to meet them outside school hours.

In April 2000, he convinced the boys to stay with him at a country resort where some of the offences happened.

"You had in your possession some of the tools in trade of a sex offender and you clearly did and said things that were calculated to seduce impressionable young boys," Judge Wilson said.

Grzybowicz was arrested in May last year after allegedly trying to make friends with a 15-year old boy on a train from the city to Tonsley.

Police alleged Grzybowicz tried to speak with the boy on three separate days and that the teenager was "frightened as a consequence of the approaches".

Police initially refused Grzybowicz bail because it was "feared his breaching (of the order) would have continued if not apprehended".

Grzybowicz, who was granted bail in June, this week abandoned an application to vary his home detention conditions.

He will appear in the Adelaide Magistrates Court again later this month.

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