Saturday, January 12, 2008

Jonathan Saturday - Repeat Sex Offender

Imagine going to the bathroom and realizing someone's watching. That's just what happened to one woman at Oglethorpe Mall.

Hundreds of people visit the mall every single day. But do you really know who's around you?

"There's older people because people my age go there to walk around and get their exercise," said one Savannah woman, who did not want to be identified.

And that's exactly what the 70-year-old woman was trying to do with her friend Thursday evening. She says she walks Oglethorpe Mall quite a bit but rarely stops to use the bathroom. However on this day she broke her routine.

"I left my companion and found the lady's room and went walking down. There was a lady coming out and I went in and of course had to fix the toilet," she said.

She says there were other people in the bathroom as she went into a stall. It wasn't even two minutes before she saw something out of the corner of my eye.

"I looked and thought oh gosh but it disappeared, then I heard steps in front of me like the person was leaving and I proceeded to pull my under garments up and when I stood up this face was on my left side looking down," she said.

All she could see was half of this person's face. What she didn't know was that this person was Jonathan Saturday, a registered sex offender.

"Then I got a little bit scared because this face went down and I didn't know when I walked out that door if that person was going to be standing there to grab me or whatever but I walked out," said the woman.

She was able to find help while Saturday remained in the bathroom. But Saturday's face and her experience was something she will never forget.

"Now that I know what this person was convicted of that makes it even more sickening," she said.

Saturday is behind bars thanks to quick work by Savannah-Chatham police and mall security. Saturday is a convicted child molester and is on the Georgia State Offender Registry.

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