Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Local Sex Offenders Still Posting Online

10 Investigates found sex offenders who were still contacting teenagers on MySpace, the world's most popular social-networking Web site, one day after it announced it would more closely monitor user-submitted photos and videos.

The site, which has more than 200 million registered users, will make it harder for adults to contact teenagers.

10 Investigates first uncovered the problem in 2006, finding more than 50 central Ohio sex offenders registered on MySpace.

"We're worried adults will have unsolicited sexual contact with children," said Ohio Attorney General Marc Dann.

Dann and numerous attorneys general leaned on MySpace and even threatened litigation.

On Monday, MySpace announced that it was cracking down, 10 Investigates' Paul Aker reported. The company said it would implement stricter identity standards and logs of who signs on from computers would go into effect immediately.

Critics said that determined predators would still hide their identities.

Edwin Salazar, a registered sex offender who was featured in a 2006 10 Investigates report, said that he thought the crackdown is a good idea.

He said that he has moved onto Facebook, another social networking site.

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