Thursday, January 10, 2008

More Charges Of Sex Abuse Filed Against Local Pastor

Tyrone Moore, a registered sex offender who spent time in prison for his crimes, was charged today with two counts of a Lewd Act on a Minor. The alleged victims in those cases are the 9th and 10th people to accuse Moore of sexually abusing them.

41-year-old Moore is a pastor at the Full Word Ministries in North Charleston. He has been in jail since November of 2006 when North Charleston police arrested him on charges of Criminal Sexual Conduct. Just a few weeks later Goose Creek police charged the pastor with more than twelve additional crimes ranging from Lewd Act on a Minor, Criminal Sexual Conduct and failing to register on the sex offender list.

Police say all told seven people in Goose Creek have come forward alleging sexual abuse at the hand of Moore along with three people in North Charleston. All are parishioners a the church where more is a pastor. They say the abuse took place at the church and at Moore's home in Goose Creek. The alleged victims were minors at the time.

North Charleston police say the warrants served today have been ready since the initial arrest but because Moore has been in jail there was no need to serve them immediately.
A judge today put Moore's bond at $100,000 dollars. When you add it to bonds set in Charleston and Berkeley County on the other charges it adds up to over a million dollars.
North Charleston police say Tyrone Moore is in the custody of the Charleston County

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