Thursday, September 10, 2009

Larry Windeknect - Repeat Sex Offender - Targets his friend's child

Cape Girardeau police detectives arrested a twice-convicted sex offender late Thursday afternoon at Capaha Park.

Officers took 51-year-old Larry Windeknect into custody at 3:15 p.m. as he sat on a park bench.

Investigators say Windeknect's arrest comes after they learned he had been texting the 13-year-old daughter of a friend, and had allegedly told the girl he wanted to have sexual contact with her.
The girl's family brought her cell phone to the police station late last week, according to police.

Detectives then established contact with Windeknect, who allegedly thought he was still in contact with the teen.

Officers say Windeknect came out to Capaha Park Thursday afternoon with the intention of meeting the girl after she got out of school.

Officers arrested him on a charge of enticement of a child, a class C felony. Windeknect remains in custody, pending the filing of formal charges.

"25% of all sex offenders re-offend within 15 years"
.........Sarah Tofte

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