Thursday, January 3, 2008

Whining Sex Offenders don't like laws that restrict them

The Adam Walsh Act has officially gone into effect, and convicted sex offenders are already complaining.

The new law forces states to comply with stricter requirements for sex offender registries.

First of all, any convicted sex offender who fails to register his address goes straight to prison.

In Ohio, every sex offender must re-register under the new system by June 1, 2008.

The offenders must not only list their address, but also their car or any vehicle they might drive.

"In addition to that, vacation spots, any internet addresses, identifiers has to be in there, any professional licensing that they may have, over the road truck drivers, we have to have their typical route. Different things like that. The registry itself has expanded to the point where we're really collecting as much information as possible," said Sgt. Steve Forro of the Belmont Co. Sheriff's Dept.

Sgt. Forro said these expanded sex offender profiles will all be available to the public.

The attorney general has been sending out re-classification letters to sex offenders, and Forro said the offenders have been calling in and are upset with the changes.


FAJL said...
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Vigilant Antis said...

I've always found it amazing how sex offenders say that spending money to protect children from them is "wasting money"

This is not your sounding board to rant and rave because you don't like society saying "No, you can't have it your way"