Thursday, September 24, 2009

David Liberty - Repeat Sex Offender - Gets 36 years

Wikisposure: David Libery aka Ddlibnkc

The Platte County prosecutor's office makes a point to note this is David Liberty's second go-round in the past eight years. He did 180 days for that first one, but Eric Zahnd notes that he's been asking the legislature to up the penalties for a while now. From the official release:
Prosecutors proved at trial that Liberty posted descriptions of sexual contact with young boys on an Internet forum dedicated to those who are sexually attracted to young boys. The posts were brought to the attention of law enforcement officers by Wikisposure, a group of volunteers who monitor the Internet for potentially illegal activity by child predators.
A search of Liberty’s computer conducted pursuant to a May 2008 search warrant turned up multiple images of child pornography. Some of the images depicted boys under the age of 14 participating in sexual conduct. Another showed a naked young boy hog-tied. Still others showed boys ages eight to 12 in diapers. Liberty had also taken hundreds of pictures of young children in public at local fairs and festivals.

Detectives discovered that Liberty had tried to erase child pornography from his computer after he learned he might be the subject of an investigation. Liberty later made a phone call from the Platte County Jail in which he was recorded saying that his computer contained information that would justify “hundreds” charges.

During the sentencing hearing, prosecutors recommended Liberty serve the maximum possible prison term of 71 years. Judge Owens Lee Hull, Jr. sentenced Liberty to 36 years in prison. Hull ordered Liberty to serve 12 years in prison for promoting child pornography to be served consecutively to three year terms on eight counts of possession of child pornography.
Among the evidence prosecutors presented at the sentencing hearing was that Liberty was convicted of possession of child pornography in 2002. When he was arrested for that crime, officers found rope, bailing twine, scissors, a dog collar, and luggage straps. Liberty was wearing a diaper and had a pacifier at the time.

"25% of all sex offenders re-offend within 15 years"
.........Sarah Tofte

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