Friday, October 9, 2009

David Girard - Repeat Sex Offender - Receives 16 years - Internet Predator

PENSACOLA, Florida - A Robertsdale man will spend the next 16 years of his life in federal prison for driving to Pensacola to meet and have sex with what he thought was a 14-year-old boy.
53-year-old David Girard, who was previously convicted in Alabama for possession of child pornography, met the teenager on a website called "" The two talked about having sex. Girard then drove to Pensacola to have sex with the 14-year-old boy who turned out to be undercover officers. Girard had condoms and personal lubrication with him when he was arrested.
Girard was later convicted of using a computer to entice a minor to engage in sexual activity and traveling to engage in illicit sexual activity. Today, United States District Judge M. Casey Rodgers sentenced the repeat sex offender 195 months in federal prison to be followed by a life time term of supervised release.
Judge Rodgers admonished Girard for preying on vulnerable children saying “that this conduct in our society is not tolerated.”

"25% of all sex offenders re-offend within 15 years"
.........Sarah Tofte

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